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Baird Bashamichi Taproom in Kannai, Yokohama

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Baird Bashamichi Taproom One Paragraph Review

Baird Bashamichi Taproom is another great place by Baird Beer to try some of their craft beers on draft, along with some delicious food. It can get a bit pricey if you are not careful but as tax is included in the price and no table charge is added on, then that gives you a bit more to spend.

Baird Bashamichi Taproom The Full Review

Baird Bashamichi Taproom, like it’s older sibling Baird Nakameguro Taproom, is owned and run by Baird Beer. We’ve been to both a few times now and keep meaning to write a review up but we fall into the same pattern: drink some craft beer, gorge ourselves on BBQ meats, then consume more craft beer and forget to take photos of anything. It’s easy enough to do but we’re professionals and professional we must be this time.

Situated in the Bashamichi district of Kannai, The Bashimachi Taproom has been around for four years at the time of writing and was Baird’s fourth venture into the taproom idea, after Numazu, Harajuku, and Nakameguro. Like the others, the beers are the same and the design of the bar is decked out in wood; however, the biggest difference is the food served. BBQ and smoked food are the main options but you can get some pizza too. Situated in a three-floor building, you’ll notice the curved bar as you walk in and the fridges to the left. Most, if not all, beers being served on the day are available for you to take home. The second floor is far bigger, with space for plenty of people, but the third floor is our particular favourite; a nice roof balcony area that is great for late night drinking in warmer weather.

Bashamichi Taproom Beer 1
Baird Bakayaro Ale - intensely hoppy and strong. Not for fools.
Bashamichi Taproom Beer 3
Red Rose Amber Ale
Bashamichi Taproom Beer 2
Angry Boy Brown Ale

If you have read our review of Baird Nakameguro Taproom then the beers tend to follow a similar route at The Bashimichi Taproom; however, the last time we went, the specials from other breweries were different. We saw North Island from Hokkaido represented as well as Aqula Beer too. Prices are the same for the beer but as a reminder there was a choice of about 25 taps. The range is wide and varied. The regular range of Baird Beers are on tap, with prices at ¥1,000 for a 500ml glass, 400ml in the case of the Suruga Bay Imperial IPA, and ¥600 for a 250ml glass, 200ml for the Suruga Bay Imperial IPA. The seasonal beers follow the prices for the Suruga Bay, so 400ml / ¥1,000 and 200ml / ¥600. It was Bakayaro Season so we had to order that. A few times. The only time we can shout “bakayaro” in public and not start a fight. Thanks Chris Poel! There is also a small tasting set of any three beers, bar some special guest beers, for ¥1000. There is also a special Baird Beer stamp card for ¥10,000 that gets you 12 large beers for ¥10,000 and can be used at the other Kanto locations in Nakameguro, Takadanobaba, and Harajuku.

bashamichi taproom food 4
Taco Tuesday is a big hit with us.
Bashamichi Taproom Food 1
The three-meat platter is well worth the cost.
bashamichi taproom food 2
The two meat platter with corn bread.
bashamichi taproom food 3

Whenever we pay a visit to The Bashimichi Taproom, we always, ALWAYS, get some of the BBQ meat on offer. It’s surprising considering Japan’s history of charcoal production, yakiniku restaurants, and summer BBQs that BBQ meat isn’t done well. Yakisoba and some slices of kalbi meat from wagyu are nice, but I miss the smokiness of brisket and juicy ribs. Want no longer. The Bashimichi Taproom specializes in American style BBQ thought with a Japanese twist using sakura wood in the smoking process. The two- or three-meat platter comes highly recommended.

For those wanting something a little bit different, the Bashamichi Taproom also does something called Taco Tuesday whereby you can pick up two soft shell tacos for ¥500. A decent deal and tasty too. The fillings change on a weekly basis, so it’s best to check the Bashamichi Taproom Facebook feed for updates.

Bashamichi Taproom Details

Open: Weekdays 5pm to midnight, Weekends and holidays: midday to midnight

Phone: 045-264-4961

Website (in English): Baird Taproom Bashamichi

Social Network: Facebook

How to Get to Bashamichi Taproom

The Bashamichi Taproom can be reached either by the Yokohama Blue Line or JR line, both at Kannai.

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1 comment

Steve De Rose August 21, 2015 - 11:07 am

It’s a great place. But I must mention that the wi-fi network is swifter on the 1st floor. When I tried to check-in on Foursquare from the 2nd or 3rd floor, it went v..e..r..y….s..l..o..w..l..y.
Bonus: The frequent drinker card you bought @ Nakameguro or Harajuku is valid here.


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