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Tsugaru Beer (Fukushima / Fukushima)

by Rob
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Tsugaru Beer : The Bottom Line

Tsugaru Beer is a frustrating place to write up about as it was one of the places I really wanted to enjoy, but left lamenting the time and money I had spent there. It’s a very friendly place – some fun conversations were had with the bar staff and other drinkers – but the prices for both draught and bottled beer left me shocked, and the fact that people can smoke inside the bar, regardless of other people, left me feeling cold. If there are some good points to be said about Tsugaru Beer, then it would be that there is a decent range of beers on tap and the prices include tax and there is no table charge either.

Tsugaru Beer : The Full Write Review

I don’t always have the best of luck with bars and opening times, and with Tsugaru Beer, I knew my luck was coming to an end. Magnetico in Kamakura was probably the start of the disappointments for BeerTengoku with the continuous attempts and disappointments but Tsugaru Beer was not as bad. I had planned on going here for some burgers and beer for lunch but on my first pass through, it was closed. No signs outside, no information on their social media. Just closed. What to do? The bar was supposed to be open at 2pm, but it was still closed at 3pm so instead, I went over to Yellow Beer Works Bunkadori for a late lunch of beers and rice balls, but when I walked back past Tsugaru Beer around 90 mins later, it was still closed and no information on social media.

Tsugaru Beer opened in mid March 2022 and since then, had gotten some good reviews about the beers on offer and also some tasty food. Tsugaru Beer is located around a 10 minute walk from JR Fukushima station, on the east side of the city. Apparently, Tsugaru Beer is going to be a taproom for the brewery once it’s opened so that means another visit to Fukushima is in order.

Tsugaru Beer : Atmospher & Interior

As you enter Tsugaru Beer, you’re greeted by wood – and lots of it! Though in all honesty, it kind of reminded of Shiokaze BrewStand a bit with its old-fashoned awning outside, and the big rustic tables and stools by the door. It’s quite an airy location, with the big windows at the front of the store letting in plenty of light, and with seating for around 20 people inside – 8 at tables, 8 at the counter, and then another 4 at the window tables – alongside standing room, it feels quite homely. However, Tsugaru Beer is fully smoking, which is kind of strange considering that I thought bars that opened since the smoking law was repelled had to be non-smoking. I know some readers might have something to say about that, but frankly if I am paying a lot of money for my beer, then I want to be able to taste the beer and not the smoke from your cigarettes.


Without wanting to focus too much on the negatives, Tsugaru Beer has no table charge and also offers up some free WiFi with the usual Fukushima WiFi posters stuck up around the bar.

Tsugaru Beer : Beer & Tap Information

Tsugaru Beer has 8 taps of beer on, with 7 taps dedicated to craft beer and one for a macro. Let’s just jump straight to the point – Tsugaru Beer is expensive and it sucked. I know prices have gone up during Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the war that has occurred from but damn, Tsugaru Beer is expensive. Beers come in three sizes: small (265 ml) from 800 yen and then large (480 ml) from 1,400 yen put it at some of the outrageous prices I’ve seen in Tokyo. There is also a Mass size but there wasn’t a price list for it and I didn’t want to order one just in case I accidentally had signed up for another mortage. The prices do include tax – yay – so there aren’t any extra price increases at the end of drinking but damn, I savoured all the beer that I had at Tsugaru Beer.

There is also a beer fridge of bottles but please do not check it out. Seriously, you might as well sell an arm or a leg to afford some of the ridiculously overpriced bottles there. How much you ask? Let’s out it this way, Tsugaru Beer was selling bottles of Shiga Kogen Imperial Stout for 3,000 yen, when it usually costs around 800 yen a bottle. The bottles can be bought to takeaway but I’ll be honest and say don’t bother. If you do buy bottles to drink in-store, then there isn’t a corkage fee but that could be down to the high price.

Tsugaru Beer : Food Information

In spite of Tsugaru Beer having a big sign of burgers in the front window, there was nothing on offer when I went. Perhaps there had been some event but I am glad that I managed to eat at Yellow Beer Works Bunkadori before hand.

Tsugaru Beer : Bar Information

  • Open : Daily 14:00 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 Drink 21:30)
  • Closed : Tuesdays
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 050-5266-1162
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : https://tsugaru-beer.com
  • Social Media : Instagram

Tsugaru Beer : Location

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