Uchida Biyori in Hinodecho, Yokohama

Uchida Biyori Front・内田日和フロント

Uchida Biyori The Bottom Line I liked the atmosphere at Uchida Biyori – it’s relaxed and fun – but it’s also on the pricy side. If you can handle that, and like craft beer, sake, locally grown food, or all three of those, then Uchida Biwa is worth a visit. The tap-list isn’t that extensive compared to other bars in …

Shibuya Drinking Guide

Shibuya Drinking Guide

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Craft Beer & Chips in Kanto

Craft Beer & Chips Guide Front

For those that have been following and reading BeerTengoku for a while now, know that we LOVE our chips. Wedges, crinkle cut, steak cut, shoestring, roast – there are so many ways that the versatile potato can be served up in the form of something that has been cut and fried in oil. Then there comes dips – mayonnaise, BBQ …


Midtown BBQ Yokohama in Kannai, Yokohama

Midtown BBQ Yokohama Front・ミッドタウンバーベキュー横浜店前

Midtown BBQ Yokohama The Bottom Line Midtown BBQ Yokohama brings a new challenger to the Kannai / Sakuragicho / Bashamichi area for some craft beer and BBQ meats, and along with a decent range of beers on tap, means you’ll come for the BBQ and stay for the BBQ with some tasty beers as well. The whole place is non-smoking, …


Boulevard Cafe &9 in Kannai, Yokohama

Boulevard Cafe &9 Front・ブールバードカフェ アンドナイン前

Boulevard Cafe &9 The Bottom Line The south end of Kannai is getting a bit busier with some more craft beer places opening, and if you’re in the south end of Kannai and looking for a place for a quick beer, then Boulevard Cafe &9 is one of the best choices to have one or two beers before a baseball …

Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom in Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom Front・ライズアンドウィンブルーイングカンパニー カミカツタップルーム店前

Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom The Bottom Line If you really want to try the range of beers from Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom, or you like their beers, then there is no other better place than here, but don’t expect a brewpub or even the atmosphere of one. Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom is far more …

Two Fingers Craft Beer in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Two Fingers Craft Beer Front ・トゥー・フィンガーズ・クラフトビア店前

Two Fingers Craft Beer The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then Two Fingers Craft Beer is one of our picks in the Ikebukuro area to try some new craft beer in a warm, inviting atmosphere. While the prices do gravitate towards the higher end of Tokyo prices, the pours are spot on – no two fingers of head here. …

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Front・東海度ビール川崎工前

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory The Bottom Line If you enjoyed the beers Tanoue-san was making at Kazekami Brewery, you’ll like the (restrained) versions he is making at Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory. The whole place has traditional Japanese vibe to it, with some smooth background music and gleaming tanks behind the bar to look at. The whole place is non-smoking and has no …

Beer House Moriu in Chiyoda, Tokyo

Beer House Moriu Front・ビールハウス森卯店前

Beer House Moriu The Bottom Line If you’re just changing trains at Tokyo station, or are in the area, then Beer House Moriu is worth checking out – just make sure you pick the right beers to drink so you’re not supporting the behemoth that is Asahi. It’s perfectly set up for travellers with its free wifi and charging points …

Bakery & Beer Butchers in Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa

Bakery & Beer Butchers Front 1・ベーカリーアンドビアブッチャーズ店前1

Bakery & Beer Butchers The Bottom Line While Bakery & Beer Butchers is not an official taproom for Sankt Gallen, it’s a worthy visit for going to try the whole range of Sankt Gallen beers and some tasty bread and burgers. The prices are cheaper than expected, with no table charge, but tax is not included in the prices. Moreover, the …