Good Beer Stand in Hakata, Fukuoka

グッドビア スタンド博多

Good Beer Stand The Bottom Line Looking for a quick beer in Fukuoka station? Head to Good Beer Stand. Looking for a bar with a good variety on tap? Head to Good Beer Stand. I’m lucky if I can find a bar in an area that I would repeatedly go to but with Fukuoka, I have found two with Good …

Fukuoka Craft in Fukuoka, Kyushu

Fukuoka Craft Front・フクオカクラフトフロント

Fukuoka Craft The Bottom Line If you like craft beer and/or Mexican food, and you’re in Fukuoka, then get on over to Fukuoka Craft. For the short amount of time in Fukuoka, I definitely enjoyed Fukuoka Craft the most and would happily go there again as it offers up everything I want in a craft beer bar – good beer, …


Aoi Brewing Cafe in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Aoi Brewing Cafe Front・アオイブルーイングカフェフロント

Aoi Brewing Cafe The Bottom Line The only thing that Aoi Brewing Cafe offers over other places in the area is its in the vicinity of the station and that it is open from 8am, perfect for the (early) morning drinker. Besides that, it’s got the usual requirements in a bar – free WiFi, some English menus, takeaway beers, and …

Beer Owle in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Beer Owle Front・ビア・アウルフロント

Beer Owle The Bottom Line Beer Owle is perfect for popping in and having a couple of quiet beers while you wait for friends, or picking up some beers to take away – especially useful as there are very few bottle shops in Shizuoka. The whole place is non-smoking and also offers up growler fills for drinking off-site too. There …


Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi in Shibuya, Tokyo

Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi・浜焼酒場トロハチフロント

Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi The Bottom Line I was hoping for Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi to be better than it was; however, the prices were way more than I was expecting for something so kitsch I guess. It does have a fun, izakaya-style quality to it, with scaffolding being used for “second” floor seating in some places. Moreover, the whole place is …

Nomi Nalu in Adachi, Tokyo

Nomi Nalu Front・ノミナルフロント

Nomi Nalu The Bottom Line What Nomi Nalu lacks in a wide range of craft beer, it makes up in a solid range of beers on tap along with some tasty burgers to boot as well. The main downside to getting to Nomi Nalu is the long walk, or cycle, need to get there from the closest station. The whole …

Hanasaki Butcher’s Store in Sakuragicho, Yokohama

Hanasaki Butcher's Store Front・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアフロント

Hanasaki Butcher’s Store The Bottom Line Calling Hanasaki Butcher’s Store a craft beer bar is a stretch by any imagination, but it’s still worth coming here for some cracking food and beers – as long as you eat meat. While there are some vegetarian options on the menu, there’s not going to be enough to really satisfy you. The whole …


Hitsuji Miyagawacho in Noge, Yokohama

Hitsuji Miyakawacho Front・ひつじ宮川町店フロント

Hitsuji Miyagawacho The Bottom Line Like it’s forebearer, Hitsuji Miyagawacho has so much going for it – a nice setting, relaxed atmosphere, with some good food on the menu, but then falls to the same problems as the first branch in that the dread table charge and prices not including tax rear their ugly heads. If you don’t mind that, …

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill in Minatomirai, Yokohama

Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Front・キーズ パシフィック グリル フロント

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill The Bottom Line Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is pricey – no two ways about it. If you’ve got the cash to splash, and the legs to walk, then make a move over to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill. While the beers are well-made, (almost) nothing is really worth almost ¥1,500 for a US pint. …


Nihonbashi Brewery in Ningyocho, Tokyo

Nihonbashi Brewery Front・にほんばしブルワリーフロント

Nihonbashi Brewery The Bottom Line If you’re going to call yourself a brewery and have you own beer on tap, make sure you have plenty of your own beer on tap – and that was the biggest problem with Nihonbashi Brewery, besides some small niggles that you can probably guess. The place promises so much – a great chilled out …