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Home Bar Review Rudy Brew in Kamakura, Kanagawa

Rudy Brew in Kamakura, Kanagawa

by Rob
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Rudy Brew The Bottom Line

If Rudy Brew can succeed where Xrosk failed, then they’re onto a winner – however, Kamakura is a fickle place it seems. There ska-punk-esque atmosphere in Rudy Brew is completely the opposite of what Xrosk was – and I liked it. The staff are friendly, there is a variety of beer on the menu, and plenty of food choices too. There is no table charge and the prices also include tax too. With lots of English on the menus, and English speaking staff, there is no problem in ordering food and drinks. However, the (big) main downside to Rudy Brew is that right outside the bay windows is the smoking area and expect to smell that smoke when someone pops out for a cigarette – a weird situation to be in.

Rudy Brews Inside・ルーディーブリュー店内

Rudy Brew The Full Review

Rudy Brew opened February 2019 in what used to be Xrosk Shonan Pintxos Bar – a shame when it closed down as it was one of my favourite bars in the area – not hard to do though as there wasn’t much in the area. The bar manager moved from Hawaii to the Shonan area and has taken the name from the image of “rude boys” that are prevalent in ska-punk – supposedly. Don’t know what a rude boy is? We didn’t either until we were shown this picture.

Rudy Brew is located less than two minutes from Kamakura station and is really easy to find. There is space inside for 15 people inside – five at the counter and then ten at tables inside the bar. There is also a small standing area too that also accounts for the smoking section – and boy is it annoying. Inside the bar is non-smoking – great! But when the bay doors are opening on days with nice weather, expect to get a big lungful of any smoke outside the bar. I thought that the streets around the area of Kamakura station were non-smoking but it seems not to be the case. At least there is no table charge at Rudy Brew but there was no Wifi.

Rudy Brew Beer 2・ルーディーブリュービール2Rudy Brew Beer 3・ルーディーブリュービール3

Rudy Brew has space for 9 taps of beer, though when we went, only 7 taps were on. The beer at Rudy Brew is split between domestic and imports from the USA, with beers coming in three sizes: 150ml for 450 to ¥700, 300ml for ¥750 to ¥1,200, and 473ml for ¥950 to ¥1,500 but those prices do include tax. There is no happy hour at Rudy Brew nor any beer flights but they do offer up some takeaway beers at 400ml from ¥750 for those wanting something for the beach. There are also imported cans of beer from the USA but these are much pricier than expected so pick some up at Antenna American instead to save some money.

Rudy Brew Food 1・ルーディーブリューフード1Rudy Brew Food 2・ルーディーブリューフード2

The food at Rudy Brew is all inspired by American and Hawaiian culture, so expect plenty of fried meats and fried vegetables. The menus all have English on them and you can easily order in English. Vegetarians are in luck as there is plenty of choice on the menu; however, the Buffalo Wings are damn tasty and would happily have ordered more after seeing the sauce being made in-house too.

Rudy Brew Details

Open: Weekdays 15:00 – 23:00 (L.O Food 22:00 Drink 22:30) Weekends 11:30 – 23:00 (L.O Food 22:00 Drink 22:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 0467-50-0043

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Rudy Brew

The closest station to Rudy Brew is Kamakura on the Yokosuka and Shonan-Shinjuku lines, as well as the Enoden line.

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1 comment

Rob August 6, 2019 - 5:46 pm

Thanks for the comment.

If you’ve followed anything about what we do, or how we think, about smoking, then you’d know that we don’t care for people smoking in their pubs or bars. If you want to smoke, then go ahead – but don’t put other people out by it. You can smoke as much as you want at home – why should other people have to suffer because you feel like doing it? If you can’t handle that, then please move on and do something else. Secondary smoke affects other people, and causes cancer. Bars in Canada. the USA, the UK, and also mainland Europe have outlawed it for that reason – some areas of the world that are considered to be civilised.

If you’re paying 1,000yen or more for a beer, I would like to be able to enjoy it, and not the smell of chemicals coming from a cigarette or a cigar. We like to taste the flavours of the hops, yeast, and malt in our beers – something that heavy smokers can’t really do, due to smoking affecting the taste buds.

P.S In the future, it would be constructive to leave comments that don’t resort to name calling or petty language. Using that kind of language, weakens your argument and also makes you seem unable to properly construct an argument, too.


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