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Baird Beer Brewery Information

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The founders, Bryan and Sayuri Baird, first learnt about brewing techniques in California in 1997 and opened up the Numazu Taproom in 2000. In 2001, Baird Beer opened up the smallest licensed brewery in 2001, with support from their families, quickly expanding in 2003 to a larger location. Baird Beer has seen rapid expansion since then, moving and opening two new breweries, with the largest opening in 2014. Baird Beer also has five bars that their beers are sold exclusively: Numazu, Nakameguro, Harajuku, Bashamichi, and Takadanobaba.

Baird Beer’s Main Lineup

Throughout the year, Baird Beer also produces other beers:

Baird Beer’s Four Seasons

Released quarterly. This list will change every year and retired beers will be marked with an *


Baird Beer’s Monthly Style Series Calendar

Released on the 1st of each month. This list will change every year and retired beers will be marked with an *

Baird Beer’s Fruitful Life Series

A series of beers from Baird Beer that take in various fruits and spices from across Japan.

Baird Beer’s Brewer’s Passion Series Calendar

These beers are produced on a monthly basis, with some being only available in the taprooms, as indicated by a *

Baird Beer’s Collaboration Beers / Limited Edition

Any Baird Beer collaborations are listed here:

The following beers are only available at certain locations of Baird Tap Rooms.

Baird Beer Articles

BeerTengoku first visited Baird Beer in August 2014. Find our articles here:

  • Baird Beer Brewery tour here.
  • Baird Beer Interview with Bryan Baird and Bryan Baird here.
  • Baird Beer Brewery Gardens Shuzenji Taproom here.
  • Baird Beer Taproom Nakameguro here.
  • Baird Beer Taproom Bashamichi here.
  • Baird Beer Taproom Harajuku here.
  • Baird Beer Taproom Takadanobaba here.

Baird Beer Details

Address: 1052-1, Oodaira, Izushi, Shizuoka-ken

Phone: 0558-73-1225

Homepage: English / Japanese

Brewery Store: Yahoo / Rakuten

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

Brewery Tour: Sat, Sun & Holidays  -12:30~, 14:30~, 16:30~  -30 – 45 minute tour -Limit 20 people per tour

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