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Himitsu Beer Information

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Himitsu Beer : Background

Himitsu Beer was launched in 2022 by Keita Yabuki and his classmate, brewer Motoki Sasaki. Located in Futami-cho, Ise City, which once prospered as a place for visitors to Ise Jingu to stay, they brew beer, mainly farmhouse ale, in a renovated agricultural barn used by their grandparents. 

Using ingredients such as home-grown herbs, grains, and fruits, they create beers with a wide variety of flavors based on a “Farm to Table” philosophy. The name was chosen with the aim of creating a delicious beer that others would want to keep as a “secret.”

Himitsu Beer : Beer Reviews

  • Himitsu Eclipse – a 9% imperial stout that has brown sugar as an adjunct.
  • Himitsu Sandland – a 7% hazy IPA brewed using spelt wheat that was locally grown near the brewery and due to the delta plains in the area.
  • Himitsu Wasteland – a 7% hazy IPA brewed using ginger leaves that are usually thrown away.

Himitsu Beer : Details

Himitsu Beer : Location

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