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Baird Nakameguro Bitter by Baird Beer

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Baird Nakameguro Bitter is a 6.3% extra special bitter (ESB) from Baird Beer, based in Shizuoka. Each of the Baird Taprooms have a special one-location beer and if the name wasn’t a giveaway then this one is only available at their Naka-Meguro location. It’s brewed using Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany and is available on draft only.

Baird Nakameguro Bitter

It’s bitter, yet fruity.

Baird Nakameguro Bitter Aroma and Taste

Baird Nakameguro Bitter is a “real ale” which means it undergoes secondary fermentation in the cask, thus being natural carbonated. The first thing you notice about the beer is the lack of “life” in the beer – other beers have bubbles galore but not in this beer. It poured out a hazy orange-amber like colour with a light frothy head on top that faded quickly. There was a decent level of lacing as the beer went down though it did eventually slip down. It had a strong malty aroma of caramel and some honey-like qualities to it as well as a slight bitterness.

The body to Baird Nakameguro Bitter had a caramel malt front to it but the bitterness soon kicked in with an astringent tangerine quality to it. The bitterness did linger in the mouth and felt quite desiccating on the sides of the mouth. It wasn’t as bitter as an American IPA but it was more bitter than your regular English bitter. The aftertaste was dry and fruity but the bitterness was the dominant flavour.

Baird Nakameguro Bitter One Line Review

Baird Nakameguro Bitter could do with reigning in the bitterness a bit to make sure it’s well-balanced though it is a good beer.


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