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Home Bar Review Baird Takadanobaba Taproom in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

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Baird Takadanobaba Taproom One Paragraph Review

There isn’t much of a surprise with Baird Takadanobaba Taproom – it does exactly what it is supposed to do with the Baird name in the title; however, the cost of the food is the major disappointment. Eat before you go and you won’t be disappointed with the place. Like all of the Baird Taprooms, all the prices include tax and there isn’t a table charge. On top of this, the menus are bilingual and the staff do speak both English and Japanese. The whole bar is non-smoking and there is WiFi too with the password behind the bar.

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Inside

Dark and moody – like an annoyed teenager.

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Full Review

If you’ve been to a Baird Taproom before, or you’ve read one of our reviews then you should know what you’re getting with Baird Takadanobaba Taproom. It’s the first taproom to open since the Baird Brewery moved to Shuzenji in 2014 and is located in the student area of Tokyo: Takadanobaba. This taproom opened in May 2016 and extends the number of Baird Taprooms in Tokyo to three; all of which are located on the west side of Tokyo. Perhaps share the love with the east side next time?

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom is located about three minutes from the Waseda exit of Takadanobaba station and is spread out over the second floor, with the third floor being the Baird Tokyo Office. There is room at the counter for about ten people, with a long, treacherous table in the middle. Why is it treacherous? It has a massive gaping hole in one end that you could quite easily lose your pint in if you’re not careful. Around the outside of the bar is about ten tables too. There is also a deck outside though on both days I went, it was closed or booked for a party. The problem with being inside of this bar, and this could just be from my experience of the other taprooms, is that it’s simply too dark. A couple of spotlights light up the outside edges of the bar, but the middle seems to be lacking.

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Baba Oatmeal Stout
Baird Baba Oatmeal Smoked Porter
Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Pacific Porter
Baird Pacific Porter Review here:
Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Teikoku IPA
Teikoku IPA Review here:

Without wanting to rehash too much about the other taprooms, the prices here are the same as the Tokyo HarajukuNakameguro and Yokohama locations. The range is wide and varied. The regular range of Baird Beers are on tap, with prices at ¥1,000 for a 500ml glass, 400ml in the case of the Suruga Bay Imperial IPA, and ¥600 for a 250ml glass, 200ml for the Suruga Bay Imperial IPA. The seasonal beers follow the prices for the Suruga Bay, so 400ml / ¥1,000 and 200ml / ¥600. There were no guest beers on tap though this location does have the Baird Baba Oatmeal Stout as its beer. Moreover, if you wish to save money on drinks, then this taproom also has the magical ¥10,000 stamp card which gets you 12 beers for the price of 10.


Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Food These two sticks cost 500yen.

We know you aren’t here to read about food though it has to be mentioned. It’s expensive or at least I thought it was. The focus on the food here is kushiage, or fried food on sticks. I love me some fried food but not at this price. With some of the sticks costing almost ¥300 per stick – yes, per stick not per two sticks – if you’re hungry, you’re going to end up paying a lot. It seems a shame that with Baird Harajuku just down the train track that this place is so expensive and the portions so small. Fill up on food before you come here; there are plenty of choices in the area.

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Details

Open: Weekdays 17:00 ~ 24:00 Weekends and holidays 12:00 ~ 24:00

Happy hour: None

Phone: 03-5332-7795

Homepage: English / Japanese

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Baird Takadanobaba Taproom

The closest station to Baird Takadanobaba Taproom is Takadanobaba on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line and Yamanote Line. If you come from the Yamanote Line or the Tōzai line, take the Waseda Exit and the bar is about three minutes away.

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