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Baird Shohei IPA by Baird Beer

by Rob
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Baird Shohei IPA, or to give it its full name – A Brewer & A Gentleman – Shohei’s IPA, is a 7.5% American brewed in honour of Shohei Taguchi, who unfortunately passed away in August 2015. Taguchi-san had made a name for himself working at both Baird Beer and Yo-Ho Brewing before starting up his own brewery, Botanical Beverage Works in Kagawa. Baird Shohei IPA is available in draft form only it seems and for a limited time only. What better way to celebrate a brewer’s life by brewing a beer in memory of him?

Baird Shohei IPA

Earthy and fruity until the hops kick in.

Baird Shohei IPA Aroma and Taste

Looking over the menu at Baird Taprooms is always difficult and something that often gets me into trouble with my long-suffering drinking friends. You know who you are and I apologise. Baird Shohei IPA was first advertised on Baird Beer’s Facebook page back in September and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. Unfortunately, I only had my mobile phone with me as my camera is in for repair so I apologise now for the shoddy picture.

Baird Shohei IPA poured out a cloudy amber with a light frothy head on top that quickly dissipated away to leave remnants of it clung to the side of the glass. It had an earthy aroma to it with some citrus notes of oranges and lemon coming through. There was also a low-level of caramel sweetness coming through too – more of an English IPA it seemed.

On the drinks menu at Baird Bashamichi Taproom, it mentioned that Baird Shohei IPA was “a balanced IPA” and they were right. It had a smooth sweetness to it. There was also a strong earthiness to it as well which balanced well with the sweetness to it. Of course, with Baird Shohei IPA being an IPA, you’d expect some bitterness and with Warrior hops, known for being extremely bitter, it came through in the aftertaste but the citrus flavours subdued it and made it much smoother.


Baird Shohei IPA One Line Review

Baird Shohei IPA is a delicious, complex IPA that deserves a massive thumbs up. Here’s hoping it becomes part of the annual Baird Beer range of seasonal beers. A great tribute.

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Cascadian Abroad November 23, 2015 - 4:15 pm

Mmm… might need to go find this one! Chris Madere was at the JALT conference in Shizuoka this weekend serving up the good stuff. I had the Angry Boy Brown Ale and the seasonal Maris Otter 50 ESB before the kegs kicked.


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