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Baird Pacific Porter by Baird Beer

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Another Baird Seasonal Beer this time around with their Pacific Porter, their take on the Baltic Porter style. If you know your beer styles then you know that the Baltic styles are souped up porters with extra flavours and alcohol. Weighing in at 9%, the Pacific Porter is one of those rare Japanese craft beers that pack a punch, only Coedo in Saitama and Thrash Zone in Yokohama regularly produce beers this strong. It is usually around the middle of April.

Pacific Porter

Wonder if this uses Pacific ocean water?

Pacific Porter Aroma and Taste

Pacific Porter is a fairly lively beer and came out quite frothy but the head was a nice off-white tainted with flicks of brown and a dark brown verging on black body. Don’t drop anything in it though as you probably won’t see it again until you finish the beer. The head stuck around for a bit and the aromas coming off reminded me of caramel, chocolate, and coffee; usual for a porter really.

Baird have produced a beer that tastes like it smells and Pacific Porter carries over those initial aromas and replicates them well, without any of them overpowering each other. Moreover, the 9% alcohol level is undetectable, so much so that at one point I forgot it was that strong, took a big gulp, then went woozy. Paired up with a dry finish, and a clean coffee aftertaste, I was confused at this point; had I been drinking a beer laced with coffee or a coffee laced with alcohol?

Pacific Porter One-line Review

Pacific Porter is a good example of a Baltic porter that is worth hunting down but the 9% alcohol level is dangerous if you forget it is that strong.


Where to Buy Pacific Porter

Pacific Porter can be bought in the Baird Beer Taprooms when in season, check here for their calendar, else we manage to get this from GoodBeer.jp but at the time of writing, Pacific Porter was not in stock.

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