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Baird Jubilation Ale by Baird Beer

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Baird Jubilation Ale is an 8.0% fruit / spice beer from Baird Beer that is part of their seasonal lineup of beers, known as the Fruitful Life series of beers. and comes out annually in December. It is brewed with domestic figs, known as ichijiku in Japanese, and cinnamon twigs, known as nikki. It can be found in both bottles and on draft form too.

Baird Jubilation Ale

Spicy, Christmas aroma.

Baird Jubilation Ale Aroma and Taste

First a disclaimer. This bottle of Baird Jubilation Ale has been aged for a year so the flavours may have been dulled down or sharpened as I am yet to have a bottle of the 2015. The recipe hasn’t changed in terms of ingredients but this review will be updated after sampling the 2015 and if the flavours have changed.

Baird Jubilation Ale poured out a deep bronze colour with a speckling of redness throughout when the light shone on it. The head was slightly off-white with the bronze tinge to it and there was some sediment still left in the bottom of the bottle, which was to be expected from a bottle-conditioned beer. The aroma was a mix of dried fruit with a sticky fig smell along with a subtle level of cinnamon too. There was also a strong element of Scotch aleness to it as well with the high amount of caramel aroma coming off of the malt too that also brought along some of the booziness to it. So far, it smelt like a Christmas pudding that has been doused with brandy and set on fire.

Drinking Baird Jubilation Ale is pretty much similar to the aroma of it as well. The figs were prominent in the body though the cinnamon level had been toned down a touch. As it warmed up, the subtle flavours became much easier to detect as well, such as nutmeg and clove. The alcohol also seemed to be more subdued in the body than in the aroma as well. It finished off reminding me of figgy pudding – one of my favourite desserts growing up.


Baird Jubilation Ale One Line Review

Baird Jubilation Ale is a really good spiced fruit beer though maybe I could only drink one, or two at a push due to the multitude of flavours going on.

Where to Buy Baird Jubilation Ale

Baird Jubilation Ale can be bought at the following places online:

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