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Garcia Brewing Information

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Garcia Brewing : Background

“Garcia Cheese’ and “Garcia Brewing”‘ were started by brothers Jean and Freddie Garcia based in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City with both of them coming from Peru. The two brothers grew up in Lima in a family that owned a wholesale store, and were good friends who willingly helped out in the family business and around the house. However, from the 1970s until the 1990s, Peru’s economy was not stable, and the employment situation deteriorated considerably. Meanwhile, even after graduating from university, there are few good jobs available, and the situation continues to be uncertain. In 2019, they finally obtained a license to produce low-malt beer and were able to make their first brew at a small brewery adjacent to our cheese factory.

The beer made by Garcia Brewing is unique in that it is the first beer in Japan to use Quinua, a superfood native to Peru, and also uses Shizuoka’s specialty products such as strawberries and mandarin oranges as secondary ingredients.

Garcia Brewing : Beer Reviews

Garcia Brewing : Details

Garcia Brewing : Location

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