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Hitachino Nest XH by Kiuchi Brewery

by Rob
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Hitachino XH, which stands for eXtra High, is a premium strength Belgian style beer that is further matured in shochu barrels, that will assault you, pin you down, and punish you like the weak-willed drinker that you are. It comes in a fancy delicate bottle; however, it is this deception that Hitachino XH fools you with.

Hitachino XH

No abrasive messages, *cough* Stone *cough, but be warned, it’s strong.

Hitachino XH Aroma & Taste

Hitachino XH pours out a thick, brown tan colour with a thin head that does not stick around for long. The head knows what is going to happen and does not want to see it. Aroma wise, there is a lot going on in there; with toffee and caramel notes, followed by floral notes of honey and grains too. A slight tinge of oak there but it is dominated by the other aromas going on.

Where Hitachino XH excels is in the taste and boy, does it taste good when chilled. The toffee and caramel aromas are still present but the maltiness of the mash comes through, as well as a slight creaminess to it. Once the initial flavours have beaten and bashed your taste buds into submission, out comes the bitterness of the hops that lingers and soothes your throat like a good dominatrix should. Ahem. I digress.

Hitachino XH comes on strong but then you remember… It’s 8%. Let’s just say, you will want to finish your drinking on this one as you will probably be unable to taste anything else after drinking this.


Hitachino XH One-line Review

Hitachino XH is a great example of how European techniques can be used successfully to make new beers. One of these is enough, but don’t be surprised if you want more.

Where to Buy Hitachino XH

Hitachino XH can be bought online at

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Darren February 15, 2017 - 2:07 pm

Despite the extra ABV this beer is dangerously drinkable. It lands solidly between a Belgian Dubbel and a Japanese original. And it’s a nice warm me up on these winter nights.


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