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Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA by Baird Beer

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Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA is a seasonal 7.5% fruit beer from Baird Beer that uses locally sourced daidai oranges from Shizuoka. On sale from mid-May, Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA contains six differents kinds of hops: US Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, GR Taurus, Mandarina Bavaria, and Hull Melon to produce an American IPA that is not quite an IPA but nor is it a fruit beer either. It can be bought in either bottled form or on draught from Baird Taprooms across Kanto.

Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA
A new label for this beer.
Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA
BIg, bold, and citrusy. But is it the hops or the fruit that's doing it

Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA Aroma and Taste

I came to drank Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA off the back of Baird Bryan’s First IPA, which, to be honest, was mediocre by their own high standards – very malty and much more English IPA than I expected, considering Baird Beer’s current line up. The colour looked not too dissimilar to it either but the aroma. Wow – the aroma was much more bolder and in keeping with how Baird have evolved over the years. The citrus punch grabbed by the scruff and shook some life into my nose, I wasn’t sure if it was the hops that had produced the large amount of bright citrus flavours or the daidai fruit itself? Who cares. It was great.

And the bitterness in the body. If you have put Baird Bryan’s First IPA and Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA together, it would have been difficult to tell apart from looks alone but the bitter bite felt like someone had squeezed the sourness out of the grapefruit but left the face gurning response in it. There was hints of lime as well as dryness in the body that allowed the citrus flavours to filter slowly away before coming back in the lingering aftertaste.

Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA One Line Review

Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA is a great mix of citrus bitterness but the hops could do with a bit more developing as I’m still unsure whether it was the daidai or the hops produced the flavour.


Where to Buy Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA

Baird Fruitful Life Citrus IPA can be bought at all Baird Taprooms across Kanto.

It can also be bought at the following places:

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