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No Beer in Ofuna, Kanagawa

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No Beer : The Bottom Line

It’s safe to say that No Beer does actually have beer, but it’s not cheap, and there aren’t too many other places in the area that are competing against it, so going for a few beers at No Beer will not be a cheap experience. Saying that however, the staff are friendly and know their stuff, so it’s a good bar for those wanting to try some beers and get some explanation about aroma and flavour profiles. The whole place is non-smoking and there is no table charge either. There wasn’t any free WiFi, even with all the bars in the area. Oh and the chips? FANTASTIC!

No Beer : The Full Write Up

A little bit of back story. A long time ago, I used to live in Ofuna, specifically the Kasama area of Sakae-ku. A long time ago when Ofuna was far different to what it is now – filled with izakayas (Japanese bars), snack bars, small individual stores of restaruants, and massive yellow Yamada Denki building. I left the area in 2011 and hadn’t been back since, besides travelling through on the trains and never alighting. It was only during a search for craft beer bars in the area to visit that I saw that Ofuna, a sprawling commuter town south of Yokohama, is slowly gaining traction with the market.

No Beer opened in June 2019, and is located about a 5 minute walk from JR Ofuna station, located on a variety of train lines that pass through the area. The area where the bar is located used to be filled with small snack bars and cabaret clubs but times are changing.

No Beer : Atmosphere & Interior

No Beer is situated inside of what used to be an Italian restaurant / bar called 213, that moved locations within Ofuna. It didn’t seem from the outside that anything has changed decor wise – a small deck outside that can hold four people for drinking and eating, while inside, there is a horseshoe shaped bar with around 15 seats spread around it. It is a little dark inside, but with the main doors open, there was a good breeze that came through the bar. The whole place is non-smoking and there is no table charge either. The only downside was being situated next to the speaker system and having Japanese reggae being pumped out.


No Beer : Approach to Covid-19

Yeah there was none. Just staff wearing masks.

No Beer : Beer & Tap Information

There are 10 taps of beer on at No Beer, with a heavy leaning towards local breweries such as Yorocco Beer and Barbaric Works, and there were also 2 taps of macro beer, so you can come here with your non-craft beer drinking friends as well. The beers come in two sizes: half glass (235ml) from 850 yen, and full glass (450ml) from 1,300 yen – pretty pricey considering what is around in the Yokohama area. There was no offer of a beer flight nor any happy hour. Thankfully the prices do include tax and the beers are well-served, without a massive amount of head on top.

No Beer : Food Information

Though the previous bar that was here was an Italian restaurant, there were no hangovers from it, with the food at No Beer being much simpler. Most were very simple dishes of finger foods that can be shared, though were a few larger dishes on the menu. But if you do go to No Beer then ask for chips and you will not regret that at all. Simply amazing and up there with some of the best we’ve had in Japan. There wasn’t any English on the menu so as long as you have a rudimentary knowledge of Japanese, you should be ok. There were a couple of vegetarian options to book too.

No Beer : Information

No Beer : How to Get There

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