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Fukuoka Kitchen in Matsumoto, Nagano

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Fukuoka Kitchen The Bottom Line

If it wasn’t for the table charge and lack of tax included in the price, then Fukuoka Kitchen would be the craft beer bar to go to in Matsumoto. Right now, it’s just a recommended place but don’t let that get you down too much. Fukuoka-san is a great host – even on a Monday night – and makes even the dullest moment interesting. He’s also very knowledgable about both craft beer and sake in Japan so you can easily while away the hours. The beer prices are pretty much standard for the area but the variety and breweries he gets on tap is good to see. The whole place is non-smoking and free WiFi; however, there is limited English available on the menu.

Fukuoka Kitchen Inside

Fukuoka Kitchen The Full Review

If you’re read our story on our Patreon account (go ahead, this one’s on us!) then you’ve seen our short story about Fukuoka Kitchen. Fukuoka Kitchen opened in February 2014 in the eastern area of Matsumoto city and is not, as I thought, focussed on food from Fukuoka, rather the name is taken after the owner’s name, Fukuoka-san.

Fukuoka Kitchen is situated about a ten-minute walk from Matsumoto station – aren’t all the places it seems!? The outside looks like one of the traditional designs in the area, with the whitewashed walls and the woods beans sticking out. Go inside, and it seems to have most of the interior the same, so mind your head. There is space inside for about 20 people, spread out over three places: 6 at the table in the small alcove at the front, another 6 people at the counter, and then 8 people out the back. The whole place is non-smoking; however, there is a table charge to pay of ¥300.

Fukuoka Kitchen Beer MenuFukuoka Kitchen Beer 1Fukuoka Kitchen Beer 2

There are four taps of beer on at Fukuoka Kitchen – not the most expansive but the selection and breweries on offer is constantly changing. Beers come in one size of 330ml from ¥750, and there is also a four beer tasting set which gets you 4 beers of 170ml for ¥1,400. Finally, Fukuoka Kitchen also offers up takeaway beers as well for those wanting a beer to walk to their hotel with – yes, that was me! None of the prices include tax, so don’t forget to add that on as well. There is no happy hour though.

Fukuoka Kitchen Food 1

As mentioned, the food at Fukuoka Kitchen is, disappointingly, not based around food from Fukuoka, rather it’s around Fukuoka-san’s own personal preference. The menus are all in Japanese; however, Fukuoka-san will try to explain in English what things are – even when you spend the previous hour talking to him in Japanese! I highly recommend the pizza, which is a collaboration between a local bakery and Fukuoka-san’s own food – which he makes himself. The bacon? Himself. Sausage? Himself? The only thing he doesn’t make is the cheese although I suspect he would if he could. There are also plenty of vegetarian options available too, with locally sourced vegetables being very popular.

Fukuoka Kitchen Details

Open: Daily 18:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 0263-87-8524

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Fukuoka Kitchen

The closest station to Fukuoka Kitchen is Matsumoto on the Shinonoi Line, Ōito Line, Chūō Main Line and Kamikōchi Line operated by Alpico Kōtsū. The bar is about a ten minute walk from the station.

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