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Platinum Fish Beer Marche puts me in a dilemma – if you live, or are shopping, in the area then Platinum Fish Beer Marche is well worth a visit for a couple of relaxing beers. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this is more of a bar for that – a quick beer then move on, rather than somewhere to sit and drink at. All the beers are priced the same, regardless of alcohol strength or rarity but the prices do not include tax. Moreover, if you’re hungry then I suggest going somewhere else to get fed as the menu at Platinum Fish Beer Marche left me wanting. If you do like any of the beers on tap, then there is also a bottle shop across the way for you to pick up some beers. Be warned, it’s not cheap mind and very little English is on the menu either.

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Platinum Fish Beer Marche The Full Review

It seems Kawasaki is either putting out grants or loans for craft beer bars as no sooner than TK Brewing opens up then Atre gets two more places; with Platinum Fish Beer Marche being the second. It’s the second in the chain of bars, with Platinum Fish Beer in Shimbashi being the first. Platinum Fish Beer Marche opened in February 2018 in what seems to be Food & Times Isetan’s idea of having more craft beer bars located in them.

Platinum Fish Beer Marche is located on the third floor of Atre Kawasaki, near the north exit of JR Kawasaki station. There is space for about 16 people dotted around tables around the side, with space for 8 people at the counter. The whole place, well the whole building, is non-smoking and there is no table charge either. For those wondering about WiFi then the Atre building does have access.

There are 12 taps on at Platinum Fish Beer Marche with one caveat – there are only six breweries on, so two beers from each brewery that seems to rotate around Japan. The beers come in two sizes: ¥650 for a small (300ml) beer and ¥1,050 for a large (500ml) beer, but those prices do not include tax. You also pay as you go – a bonus in our books as that way there are no cheeky surprises at the end of drinking. Platinum Fish Beer Marche also offers up a beer flight of any 3 x 200ml beers for ¥1,300 though there is no happy hour. Make sure they top the beer up though when you order you beer as that picture above was how I got the beer – I was not best pleased with that. No tantrums were thrown though if you’re led to believe that I would. Just across the way is a bottle shop that offers up some of the beers from the breweries on tap if there are any you like but they’re not cheap.

Food wise – Platinum Fish Beer Marche doesn’t offer up much. You can count on the fingers of one hand how many dishes they offer up – not even any chips! There was also no vegetarian options so the best bet is to eat before you go. There wasn’t any English on the food menus either so be warned.

Platinum Fish Beer Marche Details

Open: Daily 10:00 – 21:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 044-222-7000

Homepage (in Japanese):


How to Get to Platinum Fish Beer Marche

The closest station to Platinum Fish Beer Marche is JR Kawasaki in the Nambu, Tokaido, and Keihin Tohoku Line. You can also get there from the Keikyu line as well.

Directions from JR Kawasaki

Directions from Keikyu Kawasaki
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