Aoi Beer Stand in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Aoi Beer Stand Front・アオイビールスタンドフロント

Aoi Beer Stand The Bottom Line If you’re looking for a place to pop in for a quick beer throughout the day and don’t mind a limited choice on tap, then Aoi Beer Stand is right for you. It’s highly unlikely you’ll stay here past one or two drinks, mainly because of the lack of food and space really; however, …


Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi in Shibuya, Tokyo

Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi・浜焼酒場トロハチフロント

Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi The Bottom Line I was hoping for Hamayaki Sakaba Torohachi to be better than it was; however, the prices were way more than I was expecting for something so kitsch I guess. It does have a fun, izakaya-style quality to it, with scaffolding being used for “second” floor seating in some places. Moreover, the whole place is …


Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo

Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya Front・立飲みビールボイ渋谷フロント

Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya The Bottom Line Like it’s older sibling in Tachinomi Beer Boy in Naka-Meguro, Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya tweaks the tried-and-tested idea of Craft Beer Market to create something different, and it works. The casual atmosphere of being able to pop in for a quick beer, without the hassle of waiting for a seat, or having even to …

Nomi Nalu in Adachi, Tokyo

Nomi Nalu Front・ノミナルフロント

Nomi Nalu The Bottom Line What Nomi Nalu lacks in a wide range of craft beer, it makes up in a solid range of beers on tap along with some tasty burgers to boot as well. The main downside to getting to Nomi Nalu is the long walk, or cycle, need to get there from the closest station. The whole …

Cruz Burgers & Craft Beer in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Cruz Burgers & Craft Beer Front・クルズバーガーズ アンド クラフトビアフロント

Cruz Burgers & Craft Beer The Bottom Line Calling Cruz Burgers & Craft Beer a bar may be a slight stretch but they do offer up some good craft beer as well as very good selection of freshly made burgers that means I will definitely be going back there if I am in the area. And that’s the catch – …


Craft Beer W&W in Namba, Osaka

Craft Beer W&W The Bottom Line Craft Beer W&W is a small venue in the heart of one of Osaka’s busiest areas. It’s in a great location for any tourists who need to take a break from the crushing crowds and noise of Namba, and has a decent selection of both bottled and draft beer. It’s a nice place to …

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku Front・ブラッセルズビアプロジェクト新宿フロント

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku The Bottom Line If you come to Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku to find some cheap domestic beer, then you’re going to be severely let down. If you like Brussels Beer Project beers then Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku will be right up your street – if you can afford it. At least those yen coins won’t be …


Draft Pub Bevvy in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Draft Pub Bevvy The Bottom Line Sometimes a place is good because of the sum of its individual parts – and that applies to Draft Pub Bevvy. As a standalone place, it’s expensive, cramped, and has really slow service. However, take it as part of the Food Blast complex, then the place is a good little place to get some food, and …


Ottotto Brewery Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo

Ottotto Brewery Shibuya Front・オットットブルワリー渋谷道玄坂店店前

Ottotto Brewery Shibuya The Bottom Line Ottotto Brewery Shibuya is a weird one – it’s hard to say whether I really liked it or not, because the previous place disappointed me so much that anything that came after it would probably have been a better choice. The main disappointment to Ottotto Brewery Shibuya is that unlike the other location at Ottotto …

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Ebisu in Ebisu, Tokyo

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Ebisu Front・クラフトビアバルiBrew恵比寿フロント

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Ebisu The Bottom Line It’s great to have some cheap craft beer in what seems to be Tokyo’s newest area for craft beer bars. Craft Beer Bar iBrew Ebisu doesn’t stray from the tried-and-tested formula of cheap craft beer with slightly expensive food, but then that’s what works for people. While some branches of the chain …