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Hakone Yuzu no Kahori by Hakone Beer

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Hakone Yuzu no Kahori is a limited seasonal beer from Hakone Beer. It’s a 4.5% fruit ale made with yuzu.

Hakone Yuzu no Kahori Aroma and Taste

Hakone Yuzu no Kahori pours out pale and slightly hazy with a centimetre of bright white foam. As you would expect, there’s a strong yuzu juice nose which basically dominates everything it’s added to.

There’s a slight malt breadiness to the taste, and some hoppy dryness, but it’s very VERY juicy in general. If you’re not a fan of yuzu, then, well, it’s got “yuzu” in the name and pictures of yuzu on the label, so if that doesn’t give you any hints of how much yuzu is in this then I think you’re beyond saving. Yuzu! I’ve said it so many times now it’s lost all meaning. That’s called “semantic satiation”, you know.


Hakone Yuzu no Kahori The Bottom Line

Yuzu, man. When you review Japanese craft beer you’ll come across it a lot. Some is great, like the Sorry Konomi Nante Kiitenaize Yuzu Session Ale (which will hopefully be making a comeback this year too!). But the fragrant citrus is definitely an acquired taste. I’m a fan, and I can recommend this one for people who are too.

Where to buy Hakone Yuzu no Kahori

Hakone Yuzu no Kahori is available throughout winter on their online store here, and at Hakone Beer’s bar in Kazamatsuri, near Hakone, as well as in their adjoining restaurant Elena Gosso and the Kamaboko Village shopping centre. All three can be reached from Kazamatsuri station on the Hakone Tozan line, two stops from Odawara.

It can also be found in Odawara station and in Suzuhiro Kamaboko store in Asakusa, Tokyo.

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