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Draft Pub Bevvy in Shinjuku, Tokyo

by Rob

Draft Pub Bevvy The Bottom Line

Sometimes a place is good because of the sum of its individual parts – and that applies to Draft Pub Bevvy. As a standalone place, it’s expensive, cramped, and has really slow service. However, take it as part of the Food Blast complex, then the place is a good little place to get some food, and have a couple of beers with as a secondary thought. It would be unfair then to really come down too hard on Draft Pub Bevvy – but we will. Don’t go for the beers – go for the BBQ and tacos and then maybe think about a couple of beers. The whole building is non-smoking and has no table charges, but the free Wifi and the outside drinking is a big plus point for us in the middle of Shinjuku. While the staff didn’t speak any English, all of the menus are in English.

Draft Pub Bevvy Inside・ドラフト・パブ・ベビー店内

Draft Pub Bevvy The Full Review

Food Blast, the food court that Draft Pub Bevvy is located in, opened in February 2019, with it being the second branch after the first one located in Osaka. Both branches have the same premise – a food court bringing a variety of restaurants under one roof in the heart of a city. Both branches also have the craft beer bar, Draft Pub Bevvy, located in them.

Draft Pub Bevvy is located less than a ten-minute walk from Shinjuku station, and is on the second floor of the complex; however, that does not really matter as you can take your food and drink wherever you please. The bar itself has space for about 40 people or so, all seated, and there is no standing or seating at the bar – mainly because the service is so slow that the queue began to snake into the main drinking room for Draft Pub Bevvy. The whole building is non-smoking, besides a small smoking booth located far away from the food and drinking areas. Even the outside drinking and eating area is non-smoking too. Unsurprisingly, there is no table charge at any place in Food Blast – a big positive there.

Draft Pub Bevvy Beer 1・ドラフト・パブ・ベビービール1Draft Pub Bevvy Beer 2・ドラフト・パブ・ベビービール2

Draft Pub Bevvy has ten taps of craft beer on, though the list is rather insipid so those craft beer geeks hunting for their whales will go amiss here. It’s not a bad taplist, with something for everyone and no one style that dominates over the tap list either. However it’s on the prices where our jaws dropped and we left soon after. The beers come in four sizes: 200ml from ¥450, 330ml from ¥850, 500ml from ¥1,100, and 1000ml from ¥2,000. Thankfully prices include tax but at these prices – some of the most expensive in Tokyo for what you get – you’re not going to stay for more than two or three – if at all! There are also a variety of tasting sets, with a 3 x 100ml at ¥980, 5 x 100ml at ¥1,480, and then a massive 10 x 100ml at ¥2,480.

Draft Pub Bevvy let’s you order food from other places in the food court using their tablet on the counter, and it can then be delivered to your table. As such, Draft Pub Bevvy doesn’t have any of their own food on sale it seems. The food court does have some vegetarian choices, as well as the aforementioned BBQ and tacos too.

Draft Pub Bevvy Details

Open: Daily 11:30 – 23:00 (L.O. Drinks 22:30)

Closed: N/A

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6300-6197

Homepage (in Japanese): http://foodhall-blast.jp/

Social Media: N/A

How to Get to Draft Pub Bevvy

The closest station to Draft Pub Bevvy is Shinjuku station or from Yoyogi Station.

Directions from Shinjuku Station

Directions from Yoyogi Station

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Saboten Fighter October 30, 2019 - 6:32 pm

Seems their speed hasn’t improved since I went. I was the only person ordering a beer yet took them forever to get to me and get me my beer. Their tap list hasn’t changed really either. Seems like maybe one or two taps are rotating, the others are always the same.
Also, prices have gone up. I paid 1500 for a 1L of Swan Lake Porter both opening weekend and around mid April 2019

Rob October 31, 2019 - 8:22 am

Thanks for the comment.
I honestly have never seen a place so slow. It was the day when England played Argentina in the RWC – and they had one member of staff on with a queue of 10 people. Ridiculous!


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