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Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer by Aomori Ji Beer

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Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer is a 5.5% lager beer from Aomori Ji Beer that is part of their all year round range of beer. It’s brewed using locally sourced water from Mt. Osore and was also the first microbrew from a temple in Japan. It undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle and is deemed a happoshu beer as it is brewed from only 91% malt with the other 9% being from barley according to the Aomori Ji-Beer website. At the time of writing, Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer can be found in bottles only.

Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer

No wonder some people go clean. This beer is almost enough to make me give up drinking.

Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer Aroma and Taste

One of the struggles I have with BeerTengoku reviews is trying to find information out about a beer. I don’t know when or where I ordered this beer from but according to my orders in emails, it was sometime in December. Yet when I searched through my internet history, nothing came up. It was only after an extensive Google search that the merest of information came up. Even after that, the information was useless – what kind of lager is this?

Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer poured out a deep bronze colour and was very lively. Perhaps Brewmaster have spoken with Aomori Ji-Beer and are trying to place exploding bottles in their orders. The aroma was a stronger treacle malt flavour with little bitterness at all to it. It honestly reminded me of the malt extract that some places use instead of freshly ground malt in the beers.

Drinking was even worse as every sip felt chemically and astringent. The bottle was well in date; the Aomori Ji-Beer website states to drink within 9 months of purchase but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to drink more than a couple of sips of this beer. It was a true mess and left some foul bitter caramel aftertaste on the mouth.


Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer One Line Review

Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer is a perfect example of a ji-beer and should be well avoided. If you get this as a present from someone, then assume they hate you and want to end the friendship. I’m giving this to Joe next time I see him.

Where to Buy Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer

Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer can be bought online at the following places:

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