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Aomori Cassis Draft by Aomori Ji-Beer

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Aomori Cassis Draft is a 5% fruit beer from Aomori Ji-Beer, based in Aomori prefecture, Tohoku. It’s part of their all year round range of bottled beer and is technically classified as a happoshu due it being made with less than 25% malt. The rest of the mix is from cassis juice and extract, which is also known as black currants. There’s nothing wrong with being a happoshu beer at all – Chimay for example are classified as happoshu and we all know how good they are. Aomori Ji-Beer have also deemed this beer to be directed towards women and also ideal as a wedding gift.

Aomori Cassis Draft

Vile. Absolutely vile.

Aomori Cassis Draft Aroma and Taste

There is no easy way to write this review besides getting the obvious out of the way – I hated Aomori Cassis Draft from start to the moment I poured it down the sink. There was nothing redeeming about this beer – it was so bad that it destroyed the happy memories I had of drinking Ribena, a blackcurrant juice drink from my youth. Look, if you gave this to someone as a wedding gift, you are either trying to get the happy couple divorced as they argue who has to drink this rubbish, or your friendship with them is ruined as they can never trust your judgement about anything ever again.

This vile hatred wouldn’t stand up unless it had some tasting notes behind it but from the pour, Aomori Cassis Draft was a mess. It looked like someone had defecated into my glass as some weird brown sludge floated around the glass. The aroma was a sour, blackcurrant, syrupy mess when chilled but when it had warmed up, it was just sickly sweet with a mess of aromas going on.

Aomori Cassis Draft’s taste was some serious sour mess of fruit juice and chemical additions to it that left my tongue covered in some kind of sticky coating. I think I managed about five sips before passing this on to someone else who then promptly returned it.


Aomori Cassis Draft One Line Review

Just avoid Aomori Cassis Draft. Don’t even consider buying it. Please.

Where to Buy Aomori Cassis Draft

Aomori Cassis Draft can be bought online at the following places:


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