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Aomori Garlic Black Ale by Aomori Ji-beer

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Aomori Garlic Black Ale, Aomori Ninniku Black Ale, is a 5% stout from Aomori Ji-beer that is part of their all year round range of craft beer. It’s brewed using fresh roasted garlic from Aomori and also included garlic flavouring as well – not the beer you want to give someone on Valentine’s Day. At the time of writing, it can be found in bottles though, thankfully, it’s yet to be seen on tap.

Aomori Ninniku Black Ale

Yes, this is REAL beer. And yes, we drank it.

Aomori Garlic Black Ale Aroma and Taste

The most popular Japanese “craft beer” in BeerTengoku is/was Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft and if you’ve had the misfortune to drink it, you will sympathise with Joe. I tend to find the good in beers and that’s one of the reasons I brought myself to drink this beer. I was given a set of the Aomori Ji-Beers as a present from a “friend” but I suspect the friend hated me and was trying to poison me or something. With Aomori Garlic Black Ale, I was dreading drinking it. There was no good way to approach a beer that has fresh garlic AND garlic flavouring in it.

Aomori Garlic Black Ale poured out a thick black colour with a meagre amount of head. That was literally THE only good thing about it. As soon as the bottle was opened, the only thing I could smell was garlic – and I was cooking a curry in the background to ensure that the neighbours didn’t get put out by the smell. But bloody hell, how much garlic did they put in this beer?! It masked every other smell going and then some. This was before a sip had been drunk. I sacrified my nose and managed to get it “close” to the glass – there was something in there that possibly reminded me of beer but the garlic was doing a good job in subduing it.

If you’ve eaten gyoza before, you know how much garlic goes into them. And you know when someone has eaten gyoza because you can smell the garlic on them. Aomori Garlic Black Ale takes that up a notch and floods your mouth with garlic. Not a mild amount mind, but an obscene amount that makes me think this has to be a joke beer. I wanted to carry on drinking to see if there were some other flavours but alas – garlic, with garlic, followed by more garlic. It’s almost if a garlic monster had come and laid out a massive garlic fart in my mouth. It turns out that the black garlic that is used in Aomori Garlic Black Ale has been aged and then fermented for some time.


Less than half a beer in and I’ve managed to ward my family off and can probably forget about any loving kisses from my wife for the foreseeable future. The aroma is so strong that even after brushing my teeth, it still remains. Joke beers made Joe angry – at least I know how to make him mad next time I see him.

Aomori Garlic Black Ale The Bottom Line

Swearing is not big nor clever, so I’ll avoid it. Aomori Garlic Black Ale is THE worst beer I’ve had in my life. There is nothing positive to say about it. And no doubt this will become the most popular beer on the site.

Where to Buy Aomori Garlic Black Ale

Aomori Garlic Black Ale can be bought at all good joke shops. Seriously, it’s horrendous and you should only buy it if:

  1. You hate someone and you are passive-aggressive and can’t tell them OR
  2. You want to break up with someone and can’t do it face to face OR
  3. You are just downright evil.
  4. You have ¥650 you want to waste.

If you REALLY want to buy it then you can get it at:

You masochist.

Aomori Garlic Black Ale Post Edit

It belongs here:

Aomori Ninniku Black Ale

The best place for this beer.

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