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Aomori Pilsner by Aomori Ji-Beer

by Rob
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Aomori Pilsner is a 5% pilsner from Aomori Ji-Beer, based in Aomori, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup of craft beer and like the rest of the Aomori Ji-Beer range, is made it is brewed using locally sourced water from Mt. Osore and was also the first microbrew from a temple in Japan. It undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle and is deemed a happoshu beer as it is brewed from only 91% malt with the other 9% being from barley according to the Aomori Ji-Beer website. At the time of writing, Aomori Pilsner can be found in bottles only.

Aomori Pilsner by Aomori Ji-Beer

Urgh…the things we do for this “job”.

Aomori Pilsner Aroma and Taste

A diversion – if you would kindly let me….

Only two more to get through from the Aomori Ji-Beer range before I never have to buy them or receive them or just plain drink them ever again. Joe and I once said that it’s hard to write about beers for BeerTengoku that are bland and nondescript. After over two years of drinking and writing, I’ve found that it’s just disgusting beers that are hard to write about. Beers that make your tastebuds cringe with disappointment, and let you know of all the off-flavours as soon as they come through. And with the Aomori Ji-Beer range, every beer so far has been exactly that.

Aomori Pilsner carries on where the Aomori Ozoresan Stout left off it seems with some weird funky aromas coming through. The brewery state on their homepage that the bottles are good for 9 months but this didn’t smell anything like a pilsner. Weird buttery aromas which indicate it’s gone off – well I hope it has because else it’s a terrible pilsner for starters.


For some reason (Editor: you drink beer for reviews!) I drank some of Aomori Pilsner – just some mind as it quickly became apparent that this was not a pilsner by a long way. A weird buttery flavour permeated through the body with some sourness to the body. Had anyone at Aomori Ji-Beer tried a pilsner? I mean seriously?! The style of beer most available in Japan is a pilsner for crying out loud. A drain pour it was and relief that I didn’t have to drink any more of this crap. (Wait….two more….no!)

Aomori Pilsner The Bottom Line

Aomori Pilsner is an amazement….an amazement how someone/somebody screw up something so badly. If you wanted some drain cleaner, then I recommend this.

Where to Buy Aomori Pilsner

Aomori Pilsner can be bought online at the following places:

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