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Aomori Apple Draft by Aomori Ji-Beer

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Aomori Apple Draft is a 5.5% fruit beer from Aomori Ji-Beer, brewed in Aomori. It is made with less than 25% malt, making it a happo-shu grade beer, along with apple juice and extract from locally sourced apples from the Aomori region. It also undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle so some of them could be little explosions waiting to happen. At the time of writing, Aomori Apple Draft is available in bottom form only.

Aomori Apple Draft

Should have given this to Joe to review.

Aomori Apple Draft Aroma and Taste

I really wasn’t looking forward to Aomori Apple Draft in the slightest. The last two beers I’ve had from Aomori Ji-Beer have been either way of the style given to them or just plain disgusting. When I poured Aomori Apple Draft into the glass, it was so lively that it disturbed the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, and that caused the grey lumps in the glass. It also had some weird funky sour apple aroma going on as well. I knew that it was a low malt beer, but it really reminded me of can of chu-hi due to the pungent chemically apple smell.

While the body had a crisp apple taste to it, it felt so chemically that it left some sticky covering on my tongue. The sourness from the flavours were putrid and really not pleasant in the slightest. I’ll be honest, I barely got halfway through before I had to stop. There is nothing redeeming about this beer that I am just going to say avoid it.

Aomori Apple Draft One Line Review

If you’ve got this far, then you know what’s coming. Aomori Apple Draft is horrendous. Avoid it like the plague.


Where to Buy Aomori Apple Draft

Aomori Apple Draft can be bought online at the following places:

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