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Aomori Yama Budo Beer by Aomori Ji-Beer

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Aomori Yama Budo Beer is a 5% fruit beer from Aomori Ji-beer, and brewed in Takashi Isaotera in Okudo. The beer uses locally sourced grapes that are harvested, crushed, and then then into the secondary fermentation stage of brewing. As a result, the beer is classified as a happo-shu as it uses less than 25% malt in the overall process yet still manages to cost more than most beers that are 100% malts. At the time of writing, Aomori Yama Budo Beer can be found in bottles only.

Aomori Yama Budo Beer

So glad I only have to drink this once.

Aomori Yama Budo Beer Aroma and Taste

There are times when I enjoy writing about beers – I love the process in how beer is made. I enjoy talking with people about beer – the flavours, the smells, the appearance of beer. So when I get a good beer, nay, a great beer, and am sharing it with friends, I want to write about it and I want everyone to know about it. I want people to share the happiness I have when the beer comes out better than it looks or tastes amazing. I want people to enjoy the beers we have on BeerTengoku and tell their friends about them. Tell everyone about them and get people drinking nice craft beers that will open people’s eyes to the world.

Aomori Yama Budo Beer is not that beer. It’s a horrendously messed up beer that should not exist. Why someone thought that a grape beer would work surprises me. It could have worked. Not this one. It smells like some foul stench of old grapes that have had a truck load of sugar added to it and tastes like Calpol – that pink syrupy medicine my parents would give me when I was sick as a kid. I don’t actually want to write anything more about this beer besides avoid it. Heck, only buy this beer for someone else if you either want to end the friendship, break up, or seriously hate the person so much you actually enjoy schadenfreude.

Aomori Yama Budo Beer The Bottom Line

I ACTUALLY hated this beer. There is NOTHING good to say about this beer.


Where to Buy Aomori Yama Budo Beer

If you actually want to buy this beer then buy it online at:

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