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Minoh Beer Information

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Minoh Beer

Minoh Beer, formerly known as AJI Minoh Inc, is a craft beer brewery located in Osaka, Hyogo, Japan. Opened in 1997, Minoh Beer started out when the late Oshita-san bought a brewery for two of daughters, Kaori and Mayuko, and later their younger sister joined in. Minoh Beer first made news when the W-IPA was advertised in a Japanese newspaper; however, Minoh Beer were known among Japanese craft beer fans before then. Minoh Beer is also a multiple award-winning brewery with some of the wins coming in best IPA and best stout.

Minoh Beer Main Lineup

  • Minoh Pilsner – A pilsner that is fermented at lower than usual temperatures.
  • Minoh Stout – An award-winning stout that was voted best Stout at the World Beer Awards.
  • Minoh Pale Ale – Brewed using cascade hops to produce a citrus, American style pale ale.
  • Minoh Weizen – Wheat beer brewed using a south German style recipe.
  • Minoh W-IPA – A double IPA brewed using 2.5 times the usual amount of cascade hops.

Minoh Beer Seasonal Line Up

Minoh Beer is known to produce some seasonal beers, such as the Minoh Imperial Stout and Valentine’s Beer. Once they are confirmed, we’ll list them below.

  • Minoh Papa Zaru – a 5% vienna dark lager.
  • Minoh Osaru IPA – A golden ale IPA cross brewed with three different kinds of hops: citra, crystal, and amarillo.
  • Minoh Kozaru IPA – Minoh’s take on a session IPA is this 5% IPA.
  • Minoh Yuzu Wheat – Take a weizen and add some locally sourced yuzu to the fermentation.
  • Minoh Cabernet – A fruit cross radler beer that is brewed using cabernet grapes.
  • Minoh Kokusan Peach Weizen – A weizen that has been infused with peaches.
  • Minoh Imperial Stout – 9% imperial stout that is brewed for Valentine’s but produced in early January
  • Minoh Godfather 4 – Minoh’s annual effort towards the Masaji Beer Project for 2015 is a Belgian stout flavoured with Yuzu.
  • Minoh Godfather 5 – Minoh’s annual effort towards the Masaji Beer Project for 2016 is an amber / Vienna lager.
  • Minoh Godfather 6 – Minoh’s annual effort towards the Masaji Beer Project for 2017 is a rice lager.
  • Minoh Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – Minoh’s Imperial Stout is added to Ichiro’s Whiskey casks and then aged.
  • Minoh Bloom – a 5.5% golden ale brewed using five different kinds of hops.

Minoh Beer Details

Address: 〒562-0004 Osaka, Mino-o City, Makiochi 3-19-11


Phone: 072-725-7234

Homepage (in Japanese): www.minoh-beer.jp

Online store (in Japanese): www.minoh-beer.jp/products/beer

Minoh Beer Other Information

Minoh Beer Warehouse Review

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