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Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale by Minoh Beer

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Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale, also known as Minoh Shodoshima Yamaroku Ale, is a 6% pale ale from Minoh Beer, based in Osaka, Japan. It’s part of their annual efforts for the Masaji Beer Project, an annual celebration of the life of Oshita Masaji-san. Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale is brewed using an English pale ale base and has Yamaroku Soy Sauce added in – a rare ingredient to add as the company that makes the brand of soy sauce called “Tsuru-sho” and is the only company in Japan to use cedar barrels.

Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale・箕面ゴッドファーザー8ヤマロクエール

Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale Aroma and Taste

In the past, we’ve had some interesting beers with some unusual adjuncts added to them. Mushrooms from Outsider, fish flakes from Yo-Ho Brewing, and oysters from Ise Kadoya so when Minoh announced that they were making a beer with soy sauce in, then you knew that it was going to come on the site sooner or later.

Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale poured out a hazy amber brown colour with a large amount of frothy off-white head on top that faded to a much thinner, yet denser one instead. There were aromas of caramel and earthy hop aroma, but in all honesty, the soy sauce brought a savoury note to the beer – one that resembled something like umami I guess but it was a peculiar aroma to have in a beer. I was expecting something perhaps saltier or fishier from the aroma but as it was restrained it was more in balance with the malts.


That same umami taste was in the body right from the start – a savory flavour in a beer is pretty hard not to miss out on. A meaty-like flavour that wasn’t unpleasant but it was unusual to say the least. It never really grew in strength nor lasted long on the palate for it to be off-putting. There was a subtle hint of caramel to Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale but the hops brought a faint earthy flavour but again, very subtle and easy to miss when the beer was chilled.

Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale The Bottom Line

It’s an interesting effort for this year’s entry into the Masaji Beer Project – shame other breweries aren’t trying to do the same too.

Where to Buy Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale

Minoh Godfather 8 Yamaroku Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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