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Derailleur Beer Works is a micro brewery / brewpub based in Osaka, Kansai and they started brewing in 2018. Derailleur Beer Works is actually a collaborative effort between small brewers and local management groups that are promoting the local Nishinari area. The Nishinari area of Osaka became famous in the 90s for an area where people could start drinking in …


Minoh Beer Information

Minoh Beer

Minoh Beer, formerly known as AJI Minoh Inc, is a craft beer brewery located in Osaka, Hyogo, Japan. Opened in 1997, Minoh Beer started out when the late Oshita-san bought a brewery for two of daughters, Kaori and Mayuko, and later their younger sister joined in. Minoh Beer first made news when the W-IPA was advertised in a Japanese newspaper; …