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Minoh Seasonable Bitter by Minoh Beer

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Minoh Seasonable Bitter is a 4% Bitter from Minoh Beer. It’s part of their limited Seasonable range.

Remember the last time I had a Minoh Seasonable and almost died of an allergic reaction? How the HELL am I allowing this into my temple-like body (huge, pointy, made of wood) yet again? Well, it’s not the same beer as last time. That was a Golden Ale, and this one is a Bitter. Still, I’m very apprehensive. I’ve got my finger ready over the Twitch app as I drink this so I can livestream my imminent demise. YOLO, indeed. Here we go!

Minoh Seasonable Bitter Aroma and Taste

The Growlerwerks glass does its werk again to ensure that this beer pours out headless with a copper body. The nose is nutty, malty and woody, like a Bitter should be, I suppose? I haven’t had a Bitter in decades, but I’m not really a fan of English Pale Ales in general. Or, at least, the ones I’ve tried have always tasted either too muddy and nutty or too metallic.


The taste of Minoh Seasonable Bitter is, whaddaya know, also woody. And metallic. Bleh. There’s a bit of spiciness, and some hop bitterness too, as you would expect. But there’s not really much to hold my interest with this beer.

Minoh Seasonable Bitter: The Bottom Line

I’m glad this beer didn’t kill me. I wouldn’t drink it again though. Feel like I should be drinking it from a real ale pump. Or just not drinking it at all. A boring beer. Come on, Minoh.

Where to buy Minoh Seasonable Bitter

Goodbeer.jp – at time of writing the “Seasonable” beer is currently a Golden Ale, so wait for it to come back around if you really want to try this one.

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