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Hyappa Brews LineupHyappa Brews is a craft beer brewery, and also brew pub, located in Gamagori, Aichi. They are considered to be part of the third generation of craft beer, having started brewing in 2015. The brew pub, called Hyappa Brews – Izakaya Ja Nai!, came before the brewery and started operations in 1991 with it being located in a much more central location and serves all of their beers. Unlike other brewers, the beers are not considered part of their all-year round offerings unless they have been given a name, so you may find their beers labelled “American Pale Ale”, indicating it’s either a new beer on tap, or one that Hyappa Brews is not happy with.

Hyappa Brews Main Lineup

The following beers have received names from Hyappa Brews and are considered to be part of the all-year round range:

Hyappa Brews Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

As soon as we drink some of their seasonals and limited edition lineup, we’ll list them here.

Hyappa Brews Details

Address: Minamichigara-20 , Nishiuracho Gamagori-shi, Aichi-ken , Japan 443-0105

Phone: 0564-54-7827

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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