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Brown no Kaze by Tazawako Kohan no Mori

by Rob
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Brown no Kaze beer, otherwise known as Tazawako Kohan no Mori Dunkel, is another beer that comes in two different labels. The one below is the most recent label for the Queen’s Isetan brand of supermarkets, alongside the Ajiwai Tenku and the Ajiwai Tenya beers. Both beers, or so I am led to believe, are brewed from the same recipe.

brown no kaze

Brown wind? Um, ok. Sounds dodgy to me.

Brown no Kaze Aroma and Taste

Brown no Kaze poured out a hazy brown colour that was much lighter at the bottom than at the top, more of an amber colour I would say. Even though the gas bubbles were clinging onto the side of the glass for dear life, it wasn’t that heavily carbonated as I thought it would be.  The brownish head didn’t last long either. Aromas noted coming off were on the sweet side of the dunkel range, with a faint caramel aroma being the main one of interest.

The caramel aroma played a big part in the flavour of Brown no Kaze as it was the main taste I had. Perhaps it was more towards a toffee flavour due to the malts getting involved in the action, but the body was fairly thin. The aftertaste was unpleasant and was awash with too much bitterness and astringency going on. It really is beers like this that make me wonder how some of them get through on the market, especially somewhere like Queen’s Isetan.

Brown no Kaze One Line Review

Brown no Kaze is charged at a premium price but best left on the shelf. Leave it right there, don’t pick it up. Please.


Where to Buy Brown no Kaze

Brown no Kaze can be bought at Queen’s Isetan stores across Japan as part of their own label range.

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