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Butcher’s Republic Grandtree in Musashi-Kosugi, Kanagawa

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Butcher’s Republic Grandtree The Bottom Line

I went to Butcher’s Republic for the beer, but ended up staying the food, and no doubt you’ll probably do the same. I was disappointed with the quality of the beers on tap, and would strongly suggest giving them a bit longer before going – unless you’re really desperate for some beers. Butcher’s Republic does have a nice spacious inside area, with it kind of resembling an old Belgian cafe, but those are the only two really good things about it. The beers I guess are reasonably priced for what you get though. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and all prices include tax. Also, if you’re with kids, then the place is family friendly as on the day I went, there were a fair few people with young kids and babies.

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree The Full Review

Musashi-kosugi is a funny old place – when I first came to Japan, it wasn’t even a “proper” station with many trains ignoring it completely. Heck, the Shonan-Shinjuku line didn’t even stop there – it would go from Yokohama to Osaki without a break in between. But over recent years, the whole area has been redeveloped and as such, has seen a slow influx of commuters and drinkers. Butcher’s Republic wasn’t my original choice of places to go to either – I was hoping to get to Bucket, only to find out that they opened at 2pm, rather late for someone hoping to get some beers with lunch.

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree is part of the Butcher’s Republic group that also has its own brewery in the form of Rio Brewing, and other locations for the bars. Butcher’s Republic Grandtree opened in March 2019 in the Grandtree complex in Musashi-Kousgi and is primarily focussed on Chicago deep dish style pizzas. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Musashi-Kosugi station – either the Toyoko Line or the JR lines will get you close enough.

Butcher's Republic Grandtree Inside


Butcher’s Republic Grandtree Atmosphere & Interior

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree is located on the first floor of Grandtree and it feels very different from other food court places we’ve been to. For starters, it actually was a shop with walls and a door – felt very surreal to be surrounded by lots of shops and not just one general seating area. The inside of Butcher’s Republic Grandtree is decorated to be somewhat like a Belgian cafe, so lots of wood and cheesy posters adorning the walls, and wooden chairs and tables. There is space for about 70 people inside, all at the various chairs and sofas around the bar, though there is no outside seating nor counter seats. There is no table charge either and of course, the whole place is non-smoking. In terms of ambience, there was some late 90s / early 00’s music being played – loud enough to be heard, but not so loud to disturb conversations.

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree Approach to Covid-19

Like other places in Kanto, Butcher’s Republic Grandtree require all customers to have a mask when not eating or drinking, as well as a temperature check before entering and there is an alcohol dispenser at the front of the store. Butcher’s Republic Grandtree also tries to distance groups as much as possible. On the day I went, there were about 8 groups of people spread far apart as possible. All the staff were wearing masks too.

Butcher's Republic Grandtree Beer 1Butcher's Republic Grandtree Beer 2Butcher's Republic Grandtree Beer 3

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree Beer & Tap Information

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree has 10 taps of beer on, with a heavy leaning towards Belgian styles and breweries. In spite of Butcher’s Republic Grandtree being part of the Rio Brewing group, there was only two taps of their beer on; however, the staff did mention that as the brewery is slowly growing, and because of Covid-19, they didn’t have much to put on tap. The beers come in two main sizes: short (250ml) from ¥550 and regular (470ml) from ¥630. The in-house beers were mediocre at best to be honest – neither of them really are worth going out to find. There is no happy hour at Butcher’s Republic Grandtree nor any beer flights; however, there is chips and beer deal, that gets you a short beer and some chips for ¥1,000. Not bad as the chips are Belgian style. I didn’t notice any takeaway beers.

Butcher's Republic Grandtree Food 1Butcher's Republic Grandtree Food 2

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree Food Information

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree’s main food is Chicago style pizza, but it doesn’t come cheap – a medium is almost ¥2,000 and I had just filled up on chips and chicken wings. There wasn’t many options for vegetarians, with a salad and some fried foods, but in a food court there are plenty of other choices. The menus didn’t have much English on them – just enough for you to order something but best to take a Japanese speaker / reader with you as none of the staff spoke English on the day we went.

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree Details

How to Get to Butcher’s Republic Grandtree

Butcher’s Republic Grandtree is located about 5 mins walk from Musashi-Kosugi station, which is on the Toyoko Line and JR Nambu, Shonan-Shinjuku, and Yokosuka lines.

Directions from Toyoko Musashi-Kosugi
Directions from JR Musashi-Kosugi

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