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Hop Kotan Haskap by Hop Kotan Brewing

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Hop Kotan Haskap is a 7% fruited farmhouse ale from Hop Kotan Brewing, based in Kamifurano, in Hokkaido, Japan. It is part of their regular lineup, and can be found in both bottles and on draught across Japan. Hop Kotan Haskap takes its name from the fruit haskap, which roughly translates into honeyberry, and is a commonly found fruit in Hokkaido. Hop Kotan Haskap uses a saison as the base, and then is infused with the juice from haskap.

Hop Kotan Haskap

Hop Kotan Haskap Aroma and Taste

Hop Kotan Haskap poured out a dull pinkish purple colour with a thin white head on top that faded to a few bubbles around the outside of the glass. The aroma was as expected – very fruity with a juicy component to it that reminded me a little bit of raspberry mixed in with some honey. Having never eaten haskap. in spite of it being a common fruit in Hokkaido, it was hard to compare the flavour to the original fruit. There was a slight yeasty component to Hop Kotan Haskap, with just a light dusting of phenols, but it was faint and fleeting.

The body to Hop Kotan Haskap started off with a sharp tartness though it didn’t last long, giving way to a fruity, raspberry-like flavour. At 7%, the body to Hop Kotan Haskap was surprisingly thin, with there being very little booziness coming through. However, there was a sweetness that did come through from the malts, with it being slightly-pilsner like. The fruity flavours did dominate though in the end, making Hop Kotan Haskap taste more like alcoholic juice, than an actual beer.


Hop Kotan Haskap The Bottom Line

Hop Kotan Haskap is a good chance for you to get some vitamins in your diet.

Where To Buy Hop Kotan Haskap

Hop Kotan Haskap can be bought online at the following places:

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