Hug Hop in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Hug Hop Front・ハグ ホップフロント

Hug Hop The Bottom Line Hug Hop has pretty much everything I look for in a craft beer bar – lots of taps with a good variety of beers on tap and also no table charge but unfortunately the prices do not include tax. Thethe friendly, chilled out atmosphere and tasty food (the gapao was amazing) should be the effort …


Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo

Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya Front・立飲みビールボイ渋谷フロント

Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya The Bottom Line Like it’s older sibling in Tachinomi Beer Boy in Naka-Meguro, Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya tweaks the tried-and-tested idea of Craft Beer Market to create something different, and it works. The casual atmosphere of being able to pop in for a quick beer, without the hassle of waiting for a seat, or having even to …

Nomi Nalu in Adachi, Tokyo

Nomi Nalu Front・ノミナルフロント

Nomi Nalu The Bottom Line What Nomi Nalu lacks in a wide range of craft beer, it makes up in a solid range of beers on tap along with some tasty burgers to boot as well. The main downside to getting to Nomi Nalu is the long walk, or cycle, need to get there from the closest station. The whole …

Beer Bar Jan in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Beer Bar Jan Front ・ビールバーJANフロント

Beer Bar Jan The Bottom Line Beer Bar Jan is basically Biere Cave Jan Bar but located in Yotusya instead. It’s got the same atmosphere, the same kind of menus, the same kind of food. Even the bar manager is the same. The only thing that is different about it really is the number of taps. If you’re in the area, …