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Quays Pacific Bar & Grill in Minatomirai, Yokohama

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Quays Pacific Bar & Grill The Bottom Line

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is pricey – no two ways about it. If you’ve got the cash to splash, and the legs to walk, then make a move over to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill. While the beers are well-made, (almost) nothing is really worth almost ¥1,500 for a US pint. And that’s what going to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill comes down to – money. The setting is brilliant though, with a large outside drinking area that in the right weather could easily have led to us staying for much longer with the drinkable beers. However, it all depends on when you come too as if you come after 5pm, then there is a ¥350 table charge, and then after 10pm, there is a 10% surcharge on your menu. All of the menus are bilingual and with some bilingual staff available too. Despite the name, there are some vegetarian options on at Quays Pacific Bar & Grill though the selection is limited. For those wanting WiFi, the Hammerhead Building where Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is located in has some going.

Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Outside・キーズ パシフィック グリル 外

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill The Full Review

The Minatomirai area of Yokohama has seen some semblance of renovation in the 2010s – new buildings have gone up, new shopping districts opened, and a general upsurge in drinking establishments. The area around Osanbashi beer – long an industrial area – has seen the biggest change with plenty of new red-brick style warehouses going up as well as other new forms of development. With the increasing amount of cruise ships visiting the port, a new cruise terminal complex “Yokohama Hammerhead” opened October 2019. Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal, as the area is also called, has plenty of shops.

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill opened up also at the same time – offering up a coffee roastery, a distiller, and also a brewery. It’s a bit of a walk from the nearest stations, with Minatomirai and Bashamichi perhaps being the closest to the bar. The bar stretches over two floors, with the first floor seating about 80 people, with 50 outside and another 30 inside, and then another 70 people upstairs, with 40 outside on the terrace, and the remainder inside. With such a large seating area, it’s good to see that Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is also fully non-smoking – not even outside can you smoke. However, the dreaded table charge does rear its ugly head with a ¥350 table charge being implemented from 5pm – if you’re seated before then, then the cost doesn’t apply. There is also a strange night-time surcharge, with a 10% add-on if you’re still at Quays Pacific Bar & Grill after 10pm – however, I didn’t stay that long to find out.

Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Beer 1・キーズ パシフィックビール1Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Beer 3・キーズ パシフィックビール3Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Beer 4・キーズ パシフィックビール4

There are seven taps of craft beer on at Quays Pacific Bar & Grill, with five of the taps being domestic beers, and the remainder either being guest beers from domestic breweries or imports. At the time of writing, the beers come in two sizes: 1/2 pint (240ml) from ¥550, and 1 pint (473ml) from ¥1100, but those prices do not include the 10% tax so factor that in. The beers are very expensive for the pours you get and also the styles, with the beers being disproportionate to the ingredients used. At the time of writing, there is no happy hour nor any beer flights either. However, you can get some beers to take away in crowler form for the ¥200 yen off the bar price.

Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Food 1・キーズ パシフィックフード1Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Food 2・キーズ パシフィックフード2

The food at Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is mostly styled around American seafood grills, with plenty of meat and fish on the menu. There is also a small vegetarian range to choose from too, so there is something for everyone. And the portions are quite large too, so some value for money there. The lunchtime set includes a hamburger, which could have been named better than the unfortunately name R’s burger. Still, it was pretty tasty and I would definitely have it again.

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill Details

Open: Daily 11:00 – 23:00 (L.O Food 22:00 Drink 22:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 045-900-0310

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.huge.co.jp/restaurant/new-american/quayspacificgrill

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill

The closest stations to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill are Minatomirai [Minatomirai Line] and Bashamichi [Minatomirai Line]. It’s about a 15-minute walk from either station.

Directions from Minatomirai Station

Directions from Bashamichi Station

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