Carvaan Craft Beer & Grill in Hanno, Saitama

Carvaan Craft Beer & Grill

Carvaan Craft Beer & Grill The Bottom Line If the main Carvaan up the road is too far for you, or you’re feeling like a quick beer before the train, then popping into Carvaan Craft Beer & Grill is a good choice. It doesn’t have the atmosphere, variety of food on offer, or the views though – and also the …

Carvaan Brewery & Restaurant in Hanno, Saitama

Carvaan Brewery & Restaurant

Carvaan Brewery & Restaurant The Bottom Line If you’re looking for some tasty vegan food, with some solid, well-made beers, and amazing views to boot, then Carvaan Brewery & Restaurant is up your street – figuratively, not literally. It’ll take some time to get to, but it’s worth combining this place with a hike in the area and then coming …

Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom Yurakucho in Yurakucho, Tokyo

Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom Yurakucho

Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom Yurakucho The Bottom Line It’s not often that I highly recommend a bar, but I do with Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom Yurakucho – but please don’t call it T.A.S.T.Y. Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom Yurakucho hits all the right spots for me with a craft beer bar – plenty of beers on tap, a decent variety of …

YYG Factory in Chiba, Chiba

YYG Factory Front

YYG Factory The Bottom Line Out of the two locations that YYG have, I preferred this branch over the Yoyogi one. The atmosphere was nice and chilled, there was a decent selection of beers on tap with enough variety to keep everyone happy, even though the glasses were on the small size, and the servings were. However, the food is …


Shiokaze BrewStand in Soga, Chiba

Shiokaze BrewStand Front

Shiokaze BrewStand The Bottom Line In spite of travelling for almost 90 minutes to get here, I was pleasantly surprised by Shiokaze BrewStand and would happily travel again to get here. It ticks off everything I want in a bar – a decent amount of taps with enough variety on them, cheap prices that include tax, and some decent music …

Makuhari Brewery in Makuhari, Chiba

Makuhari Brewery Front

Makuhari Brewery The Bottom Line If you live, or shopping, in the vicinity of Makuhari Brewery, then you’ve got somewhere to get beer from, but personally I wouldn’t travel this far to the middle of nowhere to come here. Makuhari Brewery does offer up a nice relaxing atmosphere for some family time with food and beers, and a cozy coffee …

Murmur Biiru Stand in Nikko, Tochigi

Murmur Beer Stand Front・マァマー ビールスタンドフロント

Murmur Biiru Stand The Bottom Line While the beer at Murmur Biiru Stand is not world class, or anything to really rave about, it does offer up a nice little spot to have a couple of beers after a hard day’s walking, while chatting with some friendly locals too. While it is primarily a standing bar, there are some chairs …

Patreon Guide #9 – Kawasaki

Kanto’s Best Drinking Areas Kawasaki

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Hinomoto Beer Parlour in Jimbocho, Tokyo

Hinomoto Beer Parlour Front・日ノモトビアパーラーフロント

Hinomoto Beer Parlour The Bottom Line Hinomoto Beer Parlour is a cozy little place for a couple of beers, or some more when the happy hour beer flight offer is on. It’s genial and pleasant atmosphere is welcoming, and with the varied tap list of domestic craft beers is also a pleasure to see with Hinomoto Beer Parlour supporting breweries …

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill in Minatomirai, Yokohama

Quays Pacific Bar and Grill Front・キーズ パシフィック グリル フロント

Quays Pacific Bar & Grill The Bottom Line Quays Pacific Bar & Grill is pricey – no two ways about it. If you’ve got the cash to splash, and the legs to walk, then make a move over to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill. While the beers are well-made, (almost) nothing is really worth almost ¥1,500 for a US pint. …