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Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory The Bottom Line

If you enjoyed the beers Tanoue-san was making at Kazekami Brewery, you’ll like the (restrained) versions he is making at Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory. The whole place has traditional Japanese vibe to it, with some smooth background music and gleaming tanks behind the bar to look at. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge, though prices do not include tax in neither the food or the drinks. The main downside to Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory is that barely anything is in English, besides some of the food menu, so you’ll definitely need to be able to read or speak Japanese to be able to order some beers.

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki・東海度ビール川崎工場

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory The Full Review

There were some craft beer fans that were left saddened by the news of Tanoue-san closing down Kazekami Brewery due to an injury. His approach to Belgian style beers with herbs brought something much needed to a style of beer that has only really been represented well by one or two breweries in Japan. So when the news filtered out that he was going to start brewing again, this time at Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory, that some excitement began to brew. Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory opened in December 2018 and is the official taproom for Tokaido Beer, situated right behind the bar.

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory is located about a 10 minute walk from Keikyu Kawasaki / JR Kawasaki station, just around the corner from a massive residential area. There isn’t much space inside the bar though, with seats for 10 people at the counter, and another 6 seated at tables along the back wall. Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory is a non-smoking bar and also has no table charge either – great for those wanting one or two beers before the pop off home. Why Kawasaki? Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory opened up in this part of town as it’s located in the middle of the area that the two investors and Tanoue-san live in. If the bar and brewery proves to be popular, then there are plans for other places to open in the area under the guise of Tokaido Beer.

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Beer 5・東海度ビール川崎工場ビール5Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki・東海度ビール川崎工場ビール1Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Beer 2・東海度ビール川崎工場ビール2Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Beer 3・東海度ビール川崎工場ビール3Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Beer 1・Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Beer 4・東海度ビール川崎工場ビール4

There are seven taps on the wall at Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory, though when we went, only four were connected, with plans for the rest to be used in the future, once the brewery is fully up and running. Beers come in two sizes: small (280ml) for ¥650 and medium (385ml) for ¥850. The prices don’t include tax, so add that on at the end. Moreover, there are no beer flights, happy hour, or takeaway beers. However, the last one is going to change in the future as we were shown some possible designs for future bottles of the beers. Check out our review of the four beers we had here.


If you’re hungry before you come to Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory, then you’re going to be hungry afterwards. There was only a meagre amount of bar snacks on at Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory, with some sausages and grilled meat too. I strongly suggest you get some food before hand as the food is not going to come close to being a substantial amount. Moreover, all of the menus are in Japanese, with just a smattering of English on the food menu only. Weird as there was nothing on the Japanese drinks menu – something that could hinder foreigners from coming to the bar.

Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory Details

Open: Weekdays 17:30 – 23:00 Weekends 12:00 – 23:00

Closed: Tuesdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 044-272-3639

Homepage (in Japanese): https://tokaido.beer/

SNS: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

How to Get to Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Factory

Directions from Keikyu-Kawasaki
Directions from Kawasaki Station

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