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Craft Beer Bar Marciero in Dōyamachō, Osaka

by Rob

Craft Beer Bar Marciero The Bottom Line

If you’re in Osaka, then I strongly recommend getting to Craft Beer Bar Marciero – if you can find it and you don’t mind the smoking environment. The tap list rotates often enough and the atmosphere is chilled, yet fun. The food is also tasty and thankfully the owner will explain what’s on the menu as it was hard to read some of the hiragana. While it isn’t the cheapest place in Osaka, there is no table charge and all the prices include tax.

Craft Beer Bar Marciero Inside

No chance of a large panoramic shot in here.

Craft Beer Bar Marciero The Full Review

Craft Beer Bar Marciero was the second bar I managed to drink in, with two other bars turning us away due to them being busy (well it was a Friday night) though more about that later. The bar has been going for over five years, at the time of writing, though like Umbrella Rib, we just missed the anniversary by a couple of weeks. And don’t ask me how I managed to find it as Craft Beer Bar Marciero is hidden on a small back alley that I couldn’t find on Google maps (thankfully the BeerTengoku map had it on there).

Walking in, well there wasn’t much space to walk into really. There was probably space for about 15 people, maybe 20 people tops if you don’t mind being squashed in, in Craft Beer Bar Marciero and the first thing you notice is the row of taps on the back wall. There are two tables dotted around the room, with about 10 seats at the counter, and two seats outside. While Craft Beer Bar Marciero doesn’t have a table charge, it did allow smoking inside – a shame really in such a small space; however, it wasn’t immediately recognisable as the filtration system was pretty good. The atmosphere on a Friday night was great, with many different kinds of people – office workers, some couples, and also some older groups of ladies – all coming in and chatting with everyone. Perhaps that Osaka, but after drinking in Tokyo, I much preferred this atmosphere.

Craft Beer Bar Marciero Beer 1
Constantly rotating and changing.
Craft Beer Bar Marciero Beer 2
Tazawako Citrus Shower
Craft Beer Bar Marciero Beer 3
Kyoto Shukyu Muika Review: https://beertengoku.com/2017/04/10/kyoto-brewing-6-day-weekend-by-kyoto-brewing-company/

There are eight taps of craft beer at Craft Beer Bar Marciero, with them being split between imports and domestic. The menus for the beers are written in both English and Japanese with the tap list being updated on Facebook – for those looking to complete their collections. The beers also come in four sizes 250ml small for ¥650, 350ml medium for ¥880, 470ml large for ¥1080 and finally the 550ml LL for ¥1280. All prices include tax though I didn’t notice any happy hour or beer flight either.

Craft Beer Bar Marciero Food 1
Yeah, good luck!
Craft Beer Bar Marciero Food 2
Avocado and octopus
Craft Beer Bar Marciero Food 3
Fried broccoli but the anchovies were missing it seems.

The food at Craft Beer Bar Marciero is primarily Japanese-Italian, with lots of choices; however, the menu was in Japaneseo only. Also as a kicker, it was handwritten but the owner kindly explained what he written in English too. The dishes are quite small as well so it may be wiser to get some food in before you come here.

Craft Beer Bar Marciero Details

Open: Weekdays 17:00 to 02:00 (L.O Food 00:00 Drink 01:30) Weekends and holidays 15:00 to 02:00 (L.O Food 00:00 Drink 01:30)

Closed: Tuesdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 06-6940-0710

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Craft Beer Bar Marciero

The closest stations to Craft Beer Bar Marciero are Nakazakicho station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line or Higashi-Umeda, also on the Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line.

Directions from Umeda Station

Direction from Higashi Umeda

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pudgym29 October 28, 2017 - 12:43 pm

Oh wow – You got to Osaka.
The time I was there was in 2016 when FlyerTalk .com had its Japan Do there.
Osaka is a sister city to Chicago; but there are no non-stop or direct flights between the two. If I was to fly to Osaka, I would have had to change airplanes in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. So instead, I flew into Tokyo {as usual}, and rode the Shinkashen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. I also learned that Daikokuya, my favorite shop for exchanging money, sold discounted Shinkashen tickets.
For my first time in Osaka, I did very well. I stayed at a new hostel, run by the Khaosan Group, in Namba. It was close to any number of train lines.
Were you able to find a publication, the ‘Osaka Craft Beer Map‘ (it would be Vol. 04 by now)? I was. That helped a bunch. I espy some of your future bar reviews as being in my volume (03). But I did not get here; and I could not have gotten to your previous entry on your jaunt (because it was not yet open).

Rob October 28, 2017 - 6:22 pm

Thanks for the comment.
Osaka was great fun and definitely would like to get down that way again – hopefully with the Patreon we can fund some interviews as well down that way too.

I didn’t come across any paper maps while I was down that way – to be honest I just used the BeerTengoku Craft Beer Map of Kansai as it’s more up-to-date. Osaka has a great craft beer scene but the only issue is prices, with them tending to be higher than Kanto in general.


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