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Kazekami Brewery Information

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Kazekami Brewery Logo

Kazekami Brewery is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Kanagawa, Japan. In operation since 2015, the brewery is the result of the efforts of Tanoue-san, the sole brewer and, as we were to find out later, also label designer, bottler, seller – basically the engine of the brewery. The small premises meant that the initial setup, all built by Tanoue-san himself, was perfect for relatively small (150L) batches that could be kegged or bottled.

Kazekami Brewery Main Lineup

  • Kazekami Belgian IPA – a 7% IPA that is brewed with Belgian yeast with added grape juice to ensure it falls into the happoshu category.
  • Kazekami Belgian Tripel – an 8% Belgian tripel beer that is brewed with camomile and ginger.
  • Kazekami Porter – an 8% export strength porter brewed with cloves and linden.

Kazekami Brewery Articles

Kazekami Brewery Details:

Address: Minamikaya 3-23-9 Abanity 1A Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan 211-0068

Phone: 080-3001-0125


Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/%E9%A2%A8%E4%B8%8A%E9%BA%A6%E9%85%92%E8%A3%BD%E9%80%A0-1839503759610102/

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