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CLOSED: Kojimachi Bar in Kojimachi, Tokyo

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Editor’s note: Kojimachi Bar in Kojimachi, Tokyo is closed but this review remains for posterity.

Kojimachi Bar The Bottom Line

Kojimachi Bar is a nice little place with a good lively atmosphere, though it’s let down by the simple range of craft beer on tap and the prices for it, so unless you’re in the area, don’t worry about it. It’s a shame as the area is in need of a decent craft beer bar. The prices don’t include tax but thankfully they aren’t too expensive there isn’t a table charge to worry about either. The bottles though are not worth buying for the prices as they do not include tax either, so resist the temptation for a ¥1000+ bottle of Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA. The owner does speak English and will offer an English menu for those needing it. If you’re a vegetarian though you may be stuck on the chips and some salad stuff though.

Kojimachi Bar Inside

Hope you like sitting close to people.

Kojimachi Bar Full Review

Kojimachi Bar opened in November 2014 in the Kojimachi area of Tokyo, just north of Akasaka-Mitsuke and Nagatacho station, and a little south of Hanzomon. The area is devoid of any craft beer bars, as we found out on the day. If you’re coming from the south, Anchor Point is pretty much the last bar in the area, so you’d think Kojimachi Bar would be full up to the brim with white-collared workers looking for beers after work.

If you’re walking and not looking where you’re going, you can easily walk past Kojimachi Bar without realising. The shop front itself is tiny and the only way you know you’re in the right place is the sign outside, which is hidden behind a hedge. Inside, there is space for about 30 people, but it would be a squeeze to get everyone in. Dotted around the room are posters of various bottled beers in stock that you can buy. The whole bar is non-smoking though there is a small area outside for those looking for a quick cigarette. There is also no table charge either.

Kojimachi Bar Beer 1
Excuse me if I don't get excited.
Kojimachi Bar Beer 4
Bottles - avoid!
Kojimachi Bar Beer 2
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Kojimachi Bar Beer 3
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The beer list at Kojimachi Bar is, well, a bit lacklustre to say the least. There are five taps of beer on, though one of them was for Asahi Super Dry, so you can at least bring your non-craft beer drinking friends with you too. The beers come in two sizes; half UK pint (284ml) for ¥500 and US pint (473ml) for  ¥850. There are also two tasting sets available: 3 x 150ml for ¥1000 and 4 x 150ml for ¥1350. None of the prices include tax, so add on 8% at the end of drinking. There are also a variety of bottles available as well, but some of these are twice, or three times, the price of buying them in a shop so give them a wide berth. There is no happy hour either.


Kojimachi Bar Food Yeah, could not eat these. Hard lumps of potato.

The food at Kojimachi Bar is geared towards Mediterranean food though after two meals out already, I fancied some chips. You’d think chips would be quick to cook but alas, the owner asked if we minded waiting. And when we did get them, well, put it this way – I thought of adding a new tag for bars in Japan called “shit chips”. They were terrible and I couldn’t eat them.

Kojimachi Bar Details:

Open: Monday to Friday 18:00 to 02:00 (L.O Food 01:00 Drink 01:30) Saturday 17:00 to 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 Drink 21:30)

Close: Sunday, National Holidays, New Years

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6272-4890

Homepage (in Japanese): http://recolte-bar.com/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Kojimachi Bar

Kojimachi Bar lies between Hanzomon station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line and also Nagatacho station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line (N-07), Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line (Y-16), andTokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Z-04) lines.

Directions from Hanzomon Station
Take exit number one and the bar is less than 5 minutes from the station.

Directions from Nagatacho Station
Take exit number 4 and the bar is less than 10 minutes walk from the station.

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