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Beer Live Base in Komae, Tokyo

by Rob
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Beer Live Base : The Bottom Line

It’s a shame that Beer Live Base is only open a few times a month for beer events as it’s a fantastic little place that is community driven and is everything I want in a local bar. The staff were friendly, the beers were pour your own, more about that later, and there is a small drinking area outside with some benches to sit at. There wasn’t any food though; however, there is the occasional food truck. The staff didn’t mind you bringing your own along to eat outside. The whole place is non-smoking and of course, there is no table charge. Beer Live Base also has beer flights and a chance to get some takeaway beers, too.

Beer Live Base Inside

Beer Live Base : The Full Write Up

It was at the first location on this mini Odakyu crawl that I had heard of Beer Live Base – doing a quick search on Google Maps for craft beer in the area brought it up, but it had only got a 2.5 star rating on Google. Not that means much these days with the online trolling of review bombing places, games, and people. But there really wasn’t much information about it out there besides it being open today. So after a couple of iffy beers at Beer Cellar Tokyo, it was time to move on to somewhere new.

Beer Live Base is located about 500 metres from Beer Cellar Tokyo, so it is a fair trek from the station if you’re not already in the area. It opened in February 2021 as the beer event space for One Seed Inc, a supplier of brewing and bar equipment across Japan, and also parts of Asia. As a result, One Seed Inc use Beer Live Base to showcase off some of the breweries they have helped in the past, with Black Tide Brewing and Gahaha Beer two of the places.

Beer Live Base : Atmosphere and Interior

Beer Live Base is not a big place at all – there’s barely enough room for 10 people inside standing. And forget about sitting, unless you don’t mind sitting outside on some corrugated steel benches. Beer Live Base isn’t really a place people come to for a long time it seemed; however, that makes it for an interesting time as people come and go rather quickly for a beer or two, before moving on. You’re bound to end up talking with someone in the general vicinity. There was some quiet background music being played but not enough to detract from conversations. With it being standing room only, there was no table charge.


The whole place is non-smoking, but there is a small smoking stand around the corner for those inclined. There wasn’t any wifi, or none that I could connect to. It seemed that everyone in the area had theirs suitably locked down.

Beer Live Base : Approach to Covid-19

Before you go into Beer Live Base, you get your temperature taken and then some alcohol spray is presented. All of the staff were wearing masks, and were encouraging people to drink outside, or not so close to one another – but then at times, it’s easier to herd cats then ask drinkers to go outside.

Beer Live Base : Beer & Tap Information

As Beer Live Base is the taproom for One Seed Inc’s business, the beers on tap vary greatly from event to event, but there are usually four taps of self service beer. Yes, you have to pour your own beer – so if you want lots of head on your beer, go ahead and put some on it. Beers come in plastic cups of 350ml, from 800 yen, with a beer flight of 4 x 150ml from 1,200 yen. There is also usually a fridge with beers for events that can be taken away, though we weren’t told about any corkage fee for drinking in, in spite of people doing so. All of the prices included tax, too.

On the day I went there, there was 1st anniversary for Kunitachi Brewery, and I was suitably impressed enough with their beers to pick up a four pack after drinking all of the beers on tap. That’s more said about the brewery than the bar itself but it was a great chance to try some place new and pick up some new beers.

Beer Live Base : Food Information

On the day I went to Beer Live Base, there was no food, but we were told that they do have food trucks from time to time, depending on space. The staff were happy for us to eat our own food though as long as we took the rubbish away.

Beer Live Base : Information

Beer Live Base : Getting There

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