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Home Beer Review Daisen G Yago Aki Agari by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

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Daisen G Yago Aki Agari is a 7% rice lager from Kumezakura Shuzo, based in Tottori, Japan. It’s part of their Autumn seasonal range and can be found in both bottles and on tap. It’s brewed using locally sourced Yamada-nishiki sake rice, which also happens to be brewed onsite near the Kumezakura Brewery, with this Daisen G Yago Aki Agari version being an aged version of the regular Daisen G Yago that is also sold.

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari

Cloudy hazy golden colour.

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari Aroma and Taste

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari poured out a hazy golden colour with about a centimetre of frothy white head on top. Not much really and it also quickly collapsed on itself to leave a thin ring around the edge of the glass. That ring though was determined to hold on for dear life as it was still there at the end of drinking. It had two distinct aromas – the Belgian-like edge came through initially before being quickly followed up with a slight sake-like edge to it as well. A most peculiar beer but with the year of aging done for you, aromas and flavours change.

The body exhibited more Belgian-like flavours with strong fruity phenolics coming through, just disguising the sake-like flavours that lay underneath the body of fruit. Daisen G Yago Aki Agari was also quite dry and sweet to boot, with a sharp bitterness coming forward when it has warmed up. Not a potent one though enough to pick you up. It finished off with a residual bitterness and some sweetness to it before fading away, leaving a plum-like flavour to it.

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari The Bottom Line

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari is really nice drinkable beer that reminded me of a Belgian blonde ale that had been aged with just a dash of sake thrown in. Definitely worth finding.


Where to Buy Daisen G Yago Aki Agari

Daisen G Yago Aki Agari can be bought online at the following places:

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