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Daisen G Beer Dubbel by Kumezakura Daisen Shuzo 

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Daisen G Beer Dubbel is a 7.5% dubbel from Kumezakura Shuzo based in Tottori, Japan. It’s part of their autumn / winter seasonal lineup and can be found mostly in bottles, though more than likely can also be found on tap. Daisen G Beer Dubbel is brewed using imported French Barbe Rouge hops, and the inspiration behind the beer came from a trip the brewers took to Belgium.

Daisen G Beer Dubbel

Warming but one is probably enough.

Daisen G Beer Dubbel Aroma and Taste

Daisen G Beer Dubbel poured out a brownish black colour with a slightly off-white frothy head on top, which collapsed quickly to a a oily layer of bubbles on top, with the outer ones clinging to the side of the glass. It had a rich malt aroma that was slightly medicinal phenolic, supposedly an ok aroma in Belgian dubbels apparently, that was paired up with a spicy kick of cherries and chocolate also coming through once Daisen G Beer Dubbel had warmed up.

Joe really does have a copyright on this word but gloopy would be a great word to describe the way Daisen G Beer Dubbel sits in the glass. It had a rich caramel flavour to it with a clean finish that veered towards a boozy finish once it had warmed up. It was suitably carbonated and was nice from start to finish. If there was a downside to Daisen G Beer Dubbel, then I would say as it’s sweet, I doubt I would drink more than one or two of them in one sitting.

Daisen G Beer Dubbel The Bottom Line

Japan isn’t known for Belgian dubbels and with Daisen G Beer Dubbel, Japan may have found its first good one. It may be no Chimay or Westmalle, but it’s still worth trying if you come across it.


Where to Buy Daisen G Beer Dubbel

Daisen G Beer Dubbel can be bought online at the following places:

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