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Shiga Kogen Beer Lineup

Tamamura Honten LineupTamamura Honten started brewing Shiga Kogen Beer, like several other breweries such as Kiuchi Brewery, as an offshoot from a sake brewery. In 2004, Tamamura Honten applied for a license and started brewing in September of the same year. Unlike other breweries however, Shiga Kogen Beer receives 20% of its hops from the local area, produced by Tamamura Honten.

Tamamura Honten’s Main Lineup

Tamamura Honten’s Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

This will get updated throughout BeerTengoku’s life of Tamamura Honten’s seasonal and limited edition beers.

Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Beer

Tamamura Honten Brewery Information

Address: 〒381-0401, Nagano-ken, Shimotakai district, Yamanouchi town, Heion 1163

Phone number: 0269-33-2155

Website (Japanese only): Homepage

Online Store: Shiga Kogen Beer store

Social Media: Twitter

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    1. Yes, if you email then they will sort something out. There are also two places to drink on site – Tamamura Honten Gallery and also Teppa Room.

  1. Thet are one of the top 3 craft beer brewers in Japan in my opinion. Their regulars are consistently good, and their seasonals / specials are always worth looking out for.

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