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Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc by Tamamura Honten

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Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc is a 5.5% saison from Tamamura Honten that is part of their limited edition craft beer lineup after making its debut at the 2015 Harvest Festival in Nagano. It’s brewed using two kinds of New Zealand hops and two different yeasts in the fermentation stage. At the time of writing, it’s unknown what the two strains of New Zealand hops used were, but guessing one of them was Nelson Sauvin hops. Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. The blanc part refers to the white wine flavours and texture that they were aiming for.

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc

A very nice saison it is indeed.

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc Aroma and Taste

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc poured out a light golden colour with a light frothy white head on top that dissipated quickly to a thin white ring around the edge of the glass. It had a strong floral aroma with some hints of citrus thrown in the mix as well – almost a cross between a citrusy American IPA and a Belgian saison with the yeast bringing some hints of biscuit and bread to it as well. It all works quite well as none of the aromas truly dominate over one another and as a result, none are too strong either.

The body of Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc was also rather crisp too, almost like a sauvignon blanc, which is where I guess the name stems from and the usage of the hops. The flavours of citrus and yeast are balanced nicely but unlike a lot of the Shiga Kogen beer range, are more muted than usual and softer on the palate. It finished off with smooth grape finish and a faint hint of bitterness that never outstayed its welcome.

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc One Line Review

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc is a crisp refreshing saison that while muted, is a great introduction to saisons.


Where to Buy Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc

Shiga Kogen Saison Blanc can be bought online at the following places:

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