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Monkey Mountain Brewing Information

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Monkey Mountain Brewing is a micro craft beer brewery based in Oita, in Kyushu, Japan. The brewery started operations in February 2019. Monkey Mountain uses British and German malt and American, British, and German hops uses locally sourced mountain water for their beers. The system used at the time of writing is 100 to 120 liters at a time and everything is done by hand where possible, which also includes the bottling and sending out of their beers. Moreover, the growing of yeast is cultured themselves, rather than relying on large packs bought in for a new brew. The head brewer at Monkey Mountain Brewing is an American who grew up on the North West coast, and is looking to bring that style of American craft beer to Oita.

Monkey Mountain Brewing Lineup

The following are part of Monkey Mountain Brewing’s lineup

  • Monkey Mountain Barley Wine – a 12% American style barley wine, with extra crystal malt to balance out the hops.
  • Monkey Mountain Blonde Ale – a 4.5% American blonde ale that uses less adjuncts than those normally found in a Belgian blonde.
  • Monkey Mountain IPA – an 8.5% Double IPA brewed using crystal malt and to an American West Coast recipe.
  • Monkey Mountain Pale Ale  – a 6% American pale ale that uses similar hops and malt to the IPA.
  • Monkey Mountain Porter – a 5% American robust porter that uses a variety of different roasted malts for both colouring and flavouring.
  • Monkey Mountain Red Ale – a 5% American red ale that uses both roasted black malt though with less hops than the pale ale.

Monkey Mountain Brewing Details

Address: 〒870-0021 Oita, Funaimachi 2−4−15 Waketake Building1F

Phone: 097-510-5501


Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.monkeybeer.co.jp/

Brewery Store: https://www.monkeybeer.co.jp/shop

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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