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Tazawako Beer Information

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Tazawako Beer

Tazawako Beer is a brewery located in Akita prefecture, Japan and was founded in 1997, three years after the relaxation of the alcohol production laws in 1994. Like other breweries at the time, Tazawako Beer has its roots in the local community looking to expand its fortunes and came after the development of an onsen village and also Tazawako art village as well. The brewery prides itself on bottle conditioning and does not filter its beers during packaging. Moreover, along with using German sourced malt, the brewers try to use as much locally-sourced malt from the Akita region as well.

Tazawako Beer Main Line up

The following beers are part of the all year round range of beers.

  • Tazawako Alt – a 5% altbier that has won ten awards, with the latest coming in 2015 at the Asian Beer Cup.
  • Tazawako Kölsch – a traditional 5% German kölsch and also happens to be multiple award winning.
  • Tazawako Dark Lager – a 5% Bavarian dark lager that is brewed using Saaz hops for aroma.
  • Tazawako Pilsner – a 5% Dortmunder style beer that is brewed using Saaz hops for the aroma.

Tazawako Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following beers are part of the seasonal and limited edition lineup

  • Tazawako Megumi – a 5% blonde ale that is brewed using 100% Akita barley.
  • Tazawako Komachi Weiss – a 5% German hefeweizen that is brewed using 100% Akita barley.
  • Tazawako Weizen – a 5% German hefeweizen that is on sale from spring onwards.
  • Tazawako Chocolate Bock – a 7% German doppelbock that is on sale from winter onwards for Valentine’s.
  • Tazawako Sakura Komachi – a 5% spiced beer that yeast sourced from cherry blossom trees, known as sakura, from Akita.
  • Tazawako Buna no Mori – a 5% wild beer that uses yeast sourced from beech trees, known as buna.
  • Tazawako Rauch – a 7.5% rauchbock that has won World’s Best Rauch beer in 2013 and 2015.

Tazawako Beer Details

Address: 〒014-1192 Akita-ken Senboku-shi, Tazawako, Sotsuda, Aza-waseda 430

Homepage (in Japanese):

Online shop (on Rakuten):

SNS: Facebook

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