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Aqua Vitae Suzuki in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.

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Aqua Vitae Suzuki Front

No pictures were allowed inside. Nada. Nothing. Even threatened to get kicked out unless the camera got put away.

It’s not often I find myself in Yokosuka, and it’s even rarer that I find myself looking for beer. As I said in the Nawlins review, Yokosuka and me don’t have the best of relationships and I’m usually trying to get out of there as quick as I can. However, wandering around between Yokosuka Chuo and Shiori station waiting for a friend meant I had time to kill, so in search of Aqua Vitae Suzuki I went. I had heard great stories about the selection of beers in there from a friend.

Aqua Vitae Suzuki is located on Dobuita shopping street- affectionately known as the Honch, the drinking district of the US service members located down the road. I had heard stories about the red light district being located “somewhere” around this area from a “friend”, but I wasn’t looking for that kind of servicing, rather some craft beers instead. The whole street seemed pretty chilled out, though- no one accosted me nor hassled me.

Aqua Vitae Suzuki Outside

But they didn’t say anything about taking photos from outside.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside the store (this was accompanied with prostrations and an explanation from the staff) but in all honesty, Aqua Vitae Suzuki isn’t a great shop to pick up Japanese craft beer. The selection was pretty sparse, with some Hitachino Nest, Sankt Gallen and some random beers in stock. The target clientele for Aqua Vitae Suzuki is definitely the US servicemen and the beers from the US. A shame really as it would be great to introduce Japanese beers to a new market. Go along to Nawlins instead to pick up some great beers and some tasty food.


Aqua Vitae Suzuki Details

Open: Monday to Sunday 11:00 ~ 20:00

Closed: Wednesday

Phone: 046-822-4463

Homepage: http://dobuita-st.com/shop/luxury/suzuki.html

How to Get to Aqua Vitae Suzuki

The closest station to Aqua Vitae Suzuki is Keikyu Shiori on the local line. It’s about a five minute walk down Dobuita street towards Yokosuka Naval base.

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